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Thread: QAV250 banking when yawing

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    QAV250 banking when yawing

    Hi Guys,

    First let me explain my setup, the issue I'm having and my reasoning behind posting here as opposed to the OpenPilot forum (as it kind of pertains to flight handling).

    The setup I'm running on my QAV250 is:

    Frsky X8R w/ accompanying Taranis
    OpenPilot CC3D
    Lumenier 1806-14 2300kv motors
    Lumenier 12A SimonK ESC (N-FET)
    Carbon QAV250 Frame w/ PDB ect.
    Gemfan 5030

    Alright so the problem I'm having; in a straight line the quad performs great, the hover is fine as is the acceleration, however whenever I yaw, the quad violently rolls out of the turn. For example if I yaw to the left, the quad will roll to the right conversely if I yaw to the right the quad will roll the left. No amount of trim, gains, even aileron input can correct this; in what would seem a balanced turn, aileron to match yaw, it still happens.

    At first I thought it was just the momentum the quad had built up prior to the yaw. I've managed to disprove this pretty quick, as it still happens when yawing during a hover.

    My reason for posting here first is to see if it's possible a hardware issue? eg. Esc's not calibrated or something of that nature before contact OpenPilot for additional support.

    So to wrap up, and the main reason I've come here: has anyone had this issue or can anyone be of assistance? Any feedback, even a suggestion that I can go away and experiment with, would be very much appreciated


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    How's your CG and is there a motor tilt forward? These things were happening to me on some quads when CG was off and especially when messing with motor tilts.
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    I've experimented all day fiddling with the CG, couple of different props and nothing seems to be working. Could it be a hardware issue with the CC3D's gyro? It just doesn't make sense, the bank is so bad it doesn't strike me as something todo with the CG.


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