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Thread: Circular Wireless introduces Astraeus Technologies

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    Circular Wireless introduces Astraeus Technologies

    I want to introduce you the first product of Astraeus Technologies, a whole new range in which we have been working during the last 15 months (and the main reason why I've been so inactive in the forum in the last months...).

    I started at the end of 2013 a partnership with Astraeus Aerial, the first legal, FAA-authorized, UAS company working in the motion picture industry, based in L.A. As a result of this partnership we have developed one of the most advanced (if not the most) multicopter in the world.

    After developing components and systems for improving the safety and reliability of Astraeus Aerial UASs, we now want to share these developments with the whole UAS sector. Our mission is to increase the safety of all UAS operations, which we believe is the key to growth for this exciting new market.

    All our products have been developed by a team of skilled engineers and programmers, have been extensively tested, and are used on a daily basis for the operation of the Astraeus Aerial UAS fleet.

    As we complete production of the various systems we’ve developed, we will continue to add them to our existing portfolio. Our product development roadmap includes many exciting new systems, and we look forward to launch them asap.

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    This first product, the AT 4-Switch, is a quite simple one, which we are using as an introduction to the market. It is a 4-way switch, which we use at Astraeus Aerial to switch between two totally independent RC systems, in order to allow a second pilot to take control of the aircraft at any time.

    Obviously, it can be used in multiple ways, but the original use for this product was to switch between two different RC receivers:

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    Very cool!

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