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Thread: Urban Drones OSD is now available

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    Urban Drones OSD is now available

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	6734Hello FPV Flyers,

    After many months of development and testing, Urban Drones OSD is finally here.

    UrbanDronesOSD is a a small unit that displays the most relevant flight information on the screen. It uses high quality components and is VERY easy to use. It is virtually ready to fly out of the box. Just adapt your camera and transmitter and you're set to go.

    Some of the main features include:
    Integrated Antenna Tracking Telemetry
    Speed indicator
    Altitude Indicator
    Arrow Home
    Two voltage indicators
    Current Consumed
    Line of Sight (LOS) distance
    Current Draw
    Satellite Link Indicator
    HDOP (resolution)
    Flight Time
    Longitude and Latitude
    Flight summary after landing

    All these features can be enabled or disabled before flight and some of the features like RSSI and current can be manually calibrated.

    Urban Drones OSD includes:
    Current Sensor
    GPS receiver
    OSD Board

    Size: 2x1.2 inches

    For those interested in using the antenna tracking option, the telemetry RX will be available in the next few days and more information will be posted when available.
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    Does the unit have a baro altitude sensor or does it rely on GPS information for alt?

    GPS-based, after reading the product description in the link.
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    I have gotten this question from a few people so I figure I'd answer it here as well:

    1) What's included with the OSD?
    OSD Board
    Current Sensor
    10Hz GPS receiver
    Cables for V2 current sensor, camera in/out, cable for RSSI (open wire leads)

    2) Does Urban Drones OSD have return home?
    No, this will come in future releases. At this point there is no release date for this feature

    3) How does the OSD transmit antenna tracking information
    Via the video signal

    4) What else is needed for antenna tracking with Urban Drones OSD?
    The telemetry RX which will be released in a couple of weeks

    Alex -

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    That is looking good. The board on top has the connector pins coming out from the board vertically. Is that how it will be in the release version? Does your board support reading RSSI in digital form (to support ezuhf's non standard rssi signal...not that there is a standard )

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    Hey Hucker -
    The OSD is already released. So the board you see is the board that is shipping already.
    That's a good question about the EZUHF RSSI -
    I will get an EZUHF and test it to see

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    Most RSSI's are analog - meaning you need an AD to read the voltage. EZUHF"s rssi is a digital waveform that one would usually read via a digital input and doing some timings (you *might* hack in enough capacitiance and read the digital waveform via and AD). I can't tell what micro you are using but the PIC's we've been recently using have re-mappable pins that allow almost any feature on any pin...

    Oh yeah, I like the temp sensor.

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    what does the HDOP mean ?

    and ... i couldn't find the $$ ?


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    That is the resolution of the GPS. The lower the number the better the quality of the connection, therefore the more accurate the information.

    1.0 is really good. Anything lower than that is great.

    The intro price is $139.99

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