I had the same problem with my Dominator HDs. Lint or plastic or something in the left optic. I also had a pretty severe problem where the LCD driver was malfunctioning out of the box, causing the glasses to fail to turn on for 20 minutes immediately after being on (it was like the LCD driver would warm up and short out or something).

They were out of stock everywhere at the time, so I opened a support ticket with Fatshark. I shipped them to California for repair. Took about a week and a half. The LCD driver works great now and the lint is gone.

I recently ordered a pair of Dominator V2s also, as a backup. I definitely prefer the Dom HDs. They're not as clear, but they're more immersive. I also performed the 3d printed ski goggle mod: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:703704

Oh, and I've got a nerdcam3d just sitting around waiting to be installed.

Overall, I'm glad I got the Dom HDs. They've got a lot of cool cutting edge features. The initial experience was pretty bad, and the viewing angle really sucks (bottom OSD text is blurry if the top is clear), but the immersion and 3d capability is worth the initial pain, IMO.

If they would ship the Dom HDs in a ski goggle form factor out of the box and fix the viewing angle issue, they'd be just about perfect.

Here I am using them to fly a silly Hubsan H107D, of all things: https://youtu.be/O-DlJQALPA0