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    Anyone know if we can get this thread put up on the main forum? In my humble opinion this is on topic anywhere r/c aerial photography is the subject of discussion.

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    Signed. I'm in as I think this is important...though I'm more interested in keeping sUAS available to developers of the tech rather than just open to the photographers. If there is a legal to way to develop small UAV's with little government regulation (say under a given weight do what you want) there will be a ton of work to be done! I also think the possibility of a partially automated swarm of low cost Myron-like planes flying high res cameras on a SAR mission would be a killer app.

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    Cool, Im pretty sure that no matter what happens it will be available to the big developers. Im just trying to keep the "little guy" from being edged out of the game once again! How was my wording on the petition?
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    A friend of mine made a good point last night. What in the hell is the FAA doing regulating commerce? Just a thought. It is only considered to be in violation of any ban if we make money doing it. That is regulating commerce. Since when is that the FAAs job. We better get off our buts and get this thing going.

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    Moved and stickied. Please add your petition link to the 1st post.
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    I sent the following a while (weeks) ago, still waiting for an answer:

    To whom it may concern,

    I was wondering if I could get some official feedback from the FAA on the matter of the prohibition to use commercial (S)UAS systems in the US as well as any legal framework for the recreational use of (S)UAS systems in the US.

    I have lots of friends and acquaintances in L.A. who work in the movie industry across the US. They tell me the FAA has been bearing down on them and have prohibited them to use their remotely operated camera rigs to shoot footage. I'm specifically referring to remote piloted and controlled RC helicopters and airplanes which are commonly used for this purpose.

    I plan to be visiting the US in 2012, and have the intention to bring a first person view (FPV) piloted RC controlled helicopter, as well as a FPV piloted RC controlled foam airplane to shoot footage of some of the marvelous landscapes in the Rocky Mountains, as well as in the San Francisco area, I'll be visiting.

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could comment on the following:

    1. Can I use the above mentioned FPV piloted helicopter and/or airplane to shoot footage for recreational purposes, i.e. holiday footage from the places I intend to visit?

    2. Can I use the above mentioned FPV piloted helicopter and/or airplane to shoot footage for commercial purposes, i.e. to sell recorded footage to interested parties?

    3. If 1. is yes and 2. is no, can you please outline and argument in detail why there's a discrepancy?

    4. If 2. is yes but requires a license of some sort, how do I obtain such a license and what are the requirements associated with it?

    5. If 1. and 2. are no, can you explain in layman's terms the motivation to suspend the use of (S)UAS for commercial purposes in the US pending laws being made? In my experience with (S)UAS development over the past decade (I'm a (S)UAS developer myself) there's several reasons why the FAA might find their use objectionable, however I fail to find any such argumentation or reasons provided by the FAA at this point.

    I'd be very appreciative of a reply and would welcome further discussion.

    Yours sincerly,

    Sander Sassen - MSc(EE), BSc(ME)
    Edam, The Netherlands
    Purveyor of the FPV secret sauce at ImmersionRC

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    Quote Originally Posted by SENTRY View Post
    Moved and stickied. Please add your petition link to the 1st post.
    Good idea!

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    Quote Originally Posted by whakahere View Post
    I keep thinking I should give up crashing too ... I guess it is an addiction.
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