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    My name is Isaac. I have wanted to film and take pictures from R/C planes and helicopters for 15+ years. Over the past year I have spent 10,000$+ and countless hours putting together an FPV system and 3 multirotors to fly with. I see endless potential for the use of systems like mine. Realtors can use aerial photos to help them sell high end properties and houses. The conservancy has shown interest in the use of them to get aerial video of land they plan to rehabitate. Action sports production companies have interest in getting the aerial shots of pro skiers/snowboarders, dirt bikers, surfers etc. without the excessive cost of hiring a real helicopter for thousands of dollars per hour. The list goes on and on. I am starting this thread in an attempt to draw attention to the fact that the FAA is in the process of writing rules and regulations for this type of commercial "uav" use. It is called the UAS ARC. It is supposed to be a "public discussion". The RCAPA(radio controlled aerial photography association), is trying to get a seat on the FAAs UAS ARC (aviation rulemaking committee). The RCAPA meets all of the requirements to be able to hold a seat on this committee, yet Peggy Gilligan of the FAA refuses to let them in. It has been called wholesale disenfranchisement, and I agree. I am currently sending a copy of a letter written up by the good people at the RCAPA to EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF THE CONGRESS AND THE SENATE IN THE UNITED STATES. 540 in all. This letter asks that the congressperson/senator request that Ms. Gilligan correct her "oversight" in not allowing the RCAPA a seat on the UAS ARC. the RCAPA would be the only voice for the small business stakeholders in the commercial use of any r/c anything for aerial photography on the UAS ARC. To me this has become another example of big business interests stifling the ability of the "little guy" to start a small business and succeed. I am disgusted by the fact that I can fly my helicopters under 400 ft. and take all the pictures I want, (of course, without invading anyones privacy or creating an unsafe situation for those around me), but as soon as I make a buck doing it suddenly I am committing a crime. I humbly ask anyone interested in starting a business using radio controlled aircraft for aerial photography to cut copy and paste the letter from the RCAPA and start sending them to your representatives and senators. If enough of us speak up there is a good chance that we can make a difference in what rules and regulations are set by the UAS ARC. I see a great deal of opportunity in radio controlled aerial photography, and if we dont act now that opportunity may wind up only being available to an elite few who have the money and political sway to keep people like me from pursuing an occupation in this relatively new and exciting industry of RCAP. Who's with me?????


    Sign it and pass it on to anyone and everyone!

    P.S. There is an FAA ban on commercial R/C aircraft use, can anyone tell me why the FAA is now regulating commerce?
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    I concur. Did you post the text of this letter somewhere?
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    To Your Senator:

    The Honorable (full name)
(Room #) (Name) Senate Office Building
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

    To Your Representative:

    The Honorable (full name)

    (Room #) (Name) House Office Building

    United States House of Representatives

    Washington, DC 20515

    (Today’s date)

    Dear (Either Senator or Representative followed by their last name here)

    Re: Unmanned Aircraft Systems Aviation Rulemaking Committee (UAS ARC)

    This correspondence is in regards to the FAA’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems Aviation Rulemaking Committee, chartered June 17th 2011. The reason for contacting your office is to share with you an apparent oversight made by the FAA in not including the lone voice for the small business stakeholder community in this public process. The Remote Control Aerial Photography Association (RCAPA) advocates for the small business use of unmanned aircraft systems and needs to be included in this process.

    I respectfully request that your office contact the Associate Administrator for Aviation Safety, Ms. Margaret “Peggy” Gilligan to expedite actions to correct this oversight. Thank you for your time and assistance with this important matter.


    (Your name)

    (Make your mark here)

    (Your address)

    Thank Patrick Egan at the RCAPA for this letter!
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    the letters

    Theres the ones Ive sent so far. From Ca. to Texas. I sent the letter from the RCAPA along with one of my own. The page I use to get the d.c addresses is called "contacting the congress: a citizens congressional directory." After the first 80 or so letters I realized I could just highlight the address and drag it onto my envelope document. Im a little slow with computers but getting better!

    Apparently they have a system of dealing with letters that they receive that goes something like this- If they receive one letter, then they figure a thousand people have interest in whatever the letter is concerning, so If every representative gets a couple hundred letters they figure it represents a couple hundred thousand people. Thats a good amount of voters. If that many people have a common interest, phone calls start getting made!
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    Awesome man! Thank you for all you efforts. So many today are just happy to give away their rights, it's nice to see someone fighting for them.

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    Please post pictures of your letters, and put up threads in other forums and groups. I have one on diy drones and rcgroups. My hope is that it will inspire others to send letters of their own. Maybe we can really get the ball rolling. Check out suas news too. Lots of info there.

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    I'll just send emails when I get a chance. Thanks to Wikipedia's SOPA protest, there is this awesome page to look up your own rep/senators contact info, I think it's most important and will have the most influence if they know you are their voting constituents, not saying that sending to all members is a bad idea, but if you only have limited time this is the best alternative.

    Thanks again Freebird for bringing this up.
    Don't steal, the government hates competition.

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    Is there any benefit in using letters over emails? It took me 3 minutes to send an email to my two representatives.

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    This is good stuff, I think physical mail can make a point when sent together, but so far we've had a hard time getting everyone coordinated. There is no harm in sending emails and letters both! ;-)

    Thanks for this. I think if we can get a coordinated mailing effort (be it snail or digital mail) on a same date we can get some attention, but any attempt is a good one at this point. I'm in.

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    Call me old fashioned, but I think letters represent a little more conviction due to the added effort and cost of actually sending a piece of mail. I'm not at all opposed to emails though and I will be sending MASSIVE amounts of those too! Thanks for the replies guys and keep em coming. We need to draw all the attention we possibly can to really get our voices heard! Pass this stuff on! Cheers!

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