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Thread: How To Make Stunning Aerial Videos and Photos With Your Quad

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    Woops - I left my 80% promotion on for a little more than the month of May - just realised! Thanks for all that have signed up - really appreciated. Heads-up, I am going to leave the 80% promotion on for the next 4 days - see link in my previous post if anyone is interested.

    I am now up to 44 5* reviews - quite a few from the lab....Thanks for the ongoing support.

    EDIT: 73 5*, 4x4*. Thanks again.

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    Great course! Well worth the time and (little) cost. Thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by djsomers View Post
    Great course! Well worth the time and (little) cost. Thank you!

    I appreciate the feedback and pleased it is working out for you. Please can you leave a review on the Udemy site if you get a chance.

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    Just joined, I hope for the best

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    Signed up for course today, looking forward to learning.

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