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Thread: 3D VR glasses

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    3D VR glasses

    hi guys

    on ebay is find some 3d vr glasses
    the black plastic type cost less then 20 dollar
    a 2.5 inch tft you find for less then 30 dollar on ebay

    thats make around 75 dollar for video goggle

    i order 1 goggle and 2 2.5 inch monitor,s

    2.5 inch tft got 480x235 resolutie

    if somebody got info,,or tray it allready

    tell us

    i test my 2.5 inch tft from dvr whit glass lens that,s look good
    the vr goggle got also 2 lensses ,so that must look a lot better then plastic lens whit one 5 inch tft

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    Hi guys

    Whit this you can split the image on monitor
    Then you get image for left and right eye

    I never test this
    Can anybody say some about this


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    I bought 2 of these

    Once magnified, it is like looking through a screen door. The resolution was not good enough
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    2 of these screens will fit into those 3d glasses, but it is a lot of money to invest if it does not work. I was going to try it.

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    Thanks for feedback john

    I test at home 2.5 inch and 3.5. And 5 inch tft
    2.5 and 5 inch. Are better then 3.5

    3.5 inch monitor. You buy for 20 dollar a pcs

    I don t know what lenss we got in 3D vr goggle

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    I order this one

    Write test report. When it s arrive

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    How about this.......

    If you use 2 inputs, it splits the screen in half. That one is a bit high priced. I have found them much cheaper.

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    Yes i find them to
    I need 2 of them. Alwase one for my buddy
    So high cost for a test
    And i think it s al same shit

    I think and hope the pcb from video processor is real small
    Video delay. ???? Thats only problem
    Thats way i tray low cost furst

    Find this one to

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    Hi guys

    I got vr goggle and video processor
    Thest whit 5 inch

    Not good. Look like screendoor

    Need a difrent lens on vr goggle
    Hope thats help

    I also read about the new carll zeiss vr goggle
    Hope we got a split screen app soon


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