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Thread: How much of a problem are tree's to 5.8?

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    Also remember that there are considerations in where you stand. If I fly from residential my range is much more limited than if flying towards residential. When I'm on the residential side, the noise floor (usually wifi routers) gets closer to the received strength as the Tx goes farther, however, when flying to residential a 600mW Tx is louder and able to punch through.
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    The best way to decide is to Youtube it for DVR recordings and see what frequency would suit/like the best. Personally I didn't like 1.2 as image quality is worse than 5.8, tried 2.4 and it didn't go well coz I fly mainly within town limits where every wifi is just screaming on 2.4. I was always on 5.8 and when I (partially) moved from Boscam to IRC 600mw Vtx's- that's more than enough for my distances and style of flying.
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    Thanks heaps for your input fella's. This has helped me hugely.

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