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Thread: Dominator HD - possible solution for some users experiencing blurry edges

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    Dominator HD - possible solution for some users experiencing blurry edges

    Before I purchased my DomHD set I tried the set of a fellow pilot who already had them and had a perfect view, sharp to the corners.
    When I received my DomHD set, I was a little disappointed because I had blurry edges again. I have to set the IPD to the maximum. When I look straight to the center of the picture I do have a clear view for the whole image, but as soon as I move my eyes to the left or right edge of the picture it seems that my pupils move out of the "clear picture area" and the edges start to get blurry.

    I wondered what the difference between my set and my friend's set is.
    First of all, I am one of the lucky guys who are neighter short nor farsighted. I do have the perfect eyes (I also had that measured recently)
    The other pilot is a little shortsighted and had the diopter set inserted. I purchased the diopter set and inserted the "-2" lenses into my goggles. With those lenses, I still can see the image as sharp as before but the blurryness when looking around disappeared completely. Now the goggles are perfect for me. (Also they seem to be a bit less prone to fogging now).

    Just wanted to share that because it might help other people with the same problem.

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    is this with osd sharp?

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    Yup, almost same scenario here...-2 diopter and clear all around including the core pro OSD text. My prescription is -0.50 and -0.75 so very mild.

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    Hah! Nice find! I'm using the -2 diopters in my new V2 because I am actually near sighted for about 2,5. I really like the fatshark diopters, they give me a clean and clear image all around. HD has an even larger screen.. so this should be a nice mod. The -2 makes the screen a little smaller I guess...
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    I've read that you should get the -2 diopter even if you have perfect eyes because they tend to make the whole image clear. Then I stumbled upon this and saw it again. I might just go ahead and order me some for my goggles and see if it makes a difference for the edges.

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    I am +3.50 (can't read my watch without my glasses) and have never used inserts but probably should, just have to find them.
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    I bought the lens kit and it's no good to me. Like PeteDee, I need +3 to see up close (and before I'm told 100 times that you don't need to see up close) I need +2 to watch TV even from 8 feet away. I've seen a few threads on various forums about cutting and old pair of glasses and I guess that's what I'll have to do, but I don't see why Fatshark and everyone else seems to think that far sighted people should be able to see it fine. Obviously if people are cutting up glasses (then putting that cut glass near their eyes) there must be a need for + lenses. I find it very hard to use my goggles, it's a strain, but I can see the image ok as I'm flying, but it's "painful". However reading the OSD is impossible. It's just a blurry mess.

    So, PeteDee... if you try the -2 and it helps, let us know, but I have a feeling like me and some others, you might need a + lens.

    FatShark, Please make a + lens!!

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    I use a +2 for reading and find a +1 has made the osd crisp and the ground view near perfect, there is a little magnification in the goggles it seems as I am able to read osd without any inserts at all.

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    I ordered a set as I have noticed that some edges have a little blur...

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    I ordered a set too. Will report if it makes any difference.

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