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Thread: Flight Controller talk, Whats your favorite flight controller and why?

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    Flight Controller talk, Whats your favorite flight controller and why?

    Ill start by saying i like the open pilot CC3D flight controller. the reason i like it is because it is the easiest controller to set up i have used. The software is very beginner friendly and when you get better and want more advanced settings u can easily access the much more advance settings. Also it has a nifty gimbal option for the board that is built in.

    I would love to hear about other flight controllers out there and your opinion about why they are great thanks all and have a great day

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    Eagle Tree Vector

    I'm still in my FPV infancy but I love my Eagle Tree Vector which I got from Hobby Wireless, BTW . It's ridiculously configurable but works out the box for newbs. I like the voice prompts and the ability to set the alarms and parameters I want to see. I also like the ground station integration with the Eagle Eyes system so when I'm ready I can geek out even further. I'm using it on a fixed wing so I can't speak to the multi-rotor setup but if it's anything like the fixed wing it should be great there too. My flying buddy uses APM and is constantly commenting on how nice my setup is and easy to use compared to his.
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    where can it be bought

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    Quote Originally Posted by lonedroner View Post
    where can it be bought

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    I run KISS FC. It works great right out of the "packaging." Tuning is relatively easy and is very powerful as far as stability in the air and crashes.
    Previously, I ran a Revolution with RaceFlight. Worked great until I moved into the beta build group and my quad constantly fell out of the sky due to software. All part of the beta I guess.
    Before that, I ran SPF3. Fantastic board and easy to use with BetaFlight. However, I found that once you've seen an F3 board, you have seen them all.
    Of course, before that, I ran a Naze32. Skyline32 to be specific. But like F3 boards, seen one, seen 'em all.
    My very first board was a CC3D. I guess it was good. At the time, I could not tune or even fly (well) for that matter.

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