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Thread: Headtracker pan keeps moving [SOLVED]

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    Headtracker pan keeps moving [SOLVED]

    Hi there, Im new to this Forum and have tried to find an answer to my problem by browsing but without any results. So I really hope you can give a needed push in the right dirction to get this over with.

    My Setup:
    MX16 hott
    Dominator V2
    Headtracker Trinity
    myflydream aat

    So here it goes.. It doesnt matter on which channel I connect the servo for headtracker pan servo, it keeps moving slowly to the middle after only a few moves the centerpoint is way off!! It just doesnt stay on one spot except at the endpoints left an right. Even tried to set a new middle it keeps moving.

    Tried every channelconnection as well as programming (5&6, 6&7 6&8 etc)

    Connected different servos with the same result. When I put the panservo on the "nick&roll" from the Googles it works, servo moves and stays stabil. When I connect the nick servo to the pan on the goggles it starts moving again.

    Also I sent the first headtracker module back to the retailer, got a new one, still the same result.

    So before I try changing the Hardware again I thought maybe anyone have had the same Problems here, Google couldnt help here either.

    Would really appriciate any suggestions!!

    Best wishes

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    I never had this problem with my DomV1, but it happens with my Dom HDs from time to time. It seems to be far more sensitive to the surroundings. Indoor it is terrible but standing alone on a field it seems ok. I have not tested it on my V2s yet but I have the Trinity (beta from my V1) in those as well.
    I really hope Fatshark would jump in on this and explain. I see others are having the same issue.

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    For starters , indoors you have a ton of things that are spewing off noise , anything metal can throw off the magnetometer as the HT tries to initiate and calibrate..... hell , even standing right next to your car will throw it off on startup (big piece of metal).
    The "drifting" has been explained by Greg before , either the above issue interfering with the initialization (or moving the goggles as its doing so) , and the other reason is 99% of the time a poorly seated HT cable .
    Another thing is that you do not have the HT cable plugged into the radio when you start the goggles , I'v noticed this occasionally) this can also affect the initialization of the HT .
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    Well I tried 2 different HT cables and even outdoors it was nearly impossible use on one of my rigs as the "drifting" steadily moved the yaw 180deg. I had to keep spinning myself to center it..
    It is very strange because on my Dom V1 and beta Trinity I NEVER had a cm drift either way, indoors our out.

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    Hello there,

    thanks for the Feedback so far. Its good to know that Im not the only one with this problem.

    So I took my gear and went outside. Out on the fields, 20 m/ 60 feet away from my car, connect only the headtracker and got the same drifiting results.

    The way I connect everything together was tried in every possible way, and surprise, no change there. Connection of the HT cable was carefully checked aswell.

    The next two things Im going to do is order a new HT cable just to make sure. Second is uploading a video by YouTube, name it "Headtracker keeps moving".

    If you want check the moving for yourself.

    What Ive noticed is that after plugging the power in, the servo pan moves quickly to the left and right just once. Its the only servo who does that. This is something Im going after aswell.

    If anyone else have similar experience, please share.

    Keep you posted.

    Best wishes

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    A bad cable could be your problem, no doubt about that. Keep us updated !

    But regarding cables..I hate that the HT cables and A/V cables that we can get for these googles are stiff and cheap. I would gladly pay for soft quality cables. This is probably a bigger problem for us in colder climate but still. DIY maybe ??

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    Dropped in to ask about the same problem, and spotted this thread.
    I'm seeing the same issue. I recently switched from a mechanical
    HT (is bulky but never drifts) to using the Trinity module in my new Dom
    V2s and the constant drift toward center is driving me nuts.
    On my last flight, it was drifting so fast I basically couldn't
    pan at all. Within a second and a half it had gone back to center from
    full 90 degree pan, and of course when I straightened my head
    it then panned off angle the other way, then quickly drifted back
    to center. Totally unusable.
    After that flight I very carefully re-powered, allowing zero
    movement of the goggles and this reduced the speed of the drift toward center
    but does not eliminate it.

    Is it even possible to totally eliminate all drift while panned, or is
    a slow drift toward center considered a feature? I know it
    was a feature on older 2 axis gyro based HTs because they suffered
    from severe geometric drift and didn't have magnetic compasses to use
    as an absolute reference.
    The Trinity with full 6axis IMU+mag it should not have to do this.
    Is there by any chance a compass calibration routine?

    BTW, how would the cable cause this? This isn't a PPM glitch.
    It's a very deliberate drift toward center which has to be in the logic
    between IMU and PPM output.
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    The try with a different HT cable is just out of pure desperation.. Im quite sure this wont change a thing but is one of the last steps I can try, after this it goes to the fatshark trinity Support, after this ill send my goggles with module back to the retailer to let them test it.

    You can check out some Videos on YouTube and there is no movement or drift intended. Thats why everybody is so happy about the new module. apparently there was an issue about the old Version of keeping the centerpoint after quick moves...

    Did you try to rearrange the cableconnection? Like I wrote before, the horizontal movement is allright when I control it by the nick and roll movenment of the goggles.

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    I really hope we can hear more from Fatshark about this. I have used the Trinity A LOT...and these problems are new to the Dom HD and V2, not present on my V1s at all.

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    So got the new HT cable today and tried it out. And? No Change at all!!
    Really hope to hear something from Fatshark aswell.

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