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Thread: UHF interference when camera and video transmitter connected to TBS Core

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    Ok thanks for that Trappy,

    Just a couple of things
    - This is the second Core I've had, I had very similar UHF interference peaks with the previous Core installed
    - Powering the camera and VTX directly from a battery produces no noticable noise
    - I've used a Tin shield before and it did not reduce the noise by any noticable amount, it was incredibly hard to get off so I am loathed to put it back on
    - I have just tried using a cheap Sony CCD from HobbyKing and the noise pattern is exactly the same, photo attached

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Sony CCD Everything on Except VTX.PNG 
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    Trappy what makes you think it could be a cracked coil on the TBS Core? If you think a TBS 69 Camera and Lawmate transmitter will be better then that's what I might have to do but I want to be pretty sure that they will get rid of these spikes


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    well, it won't get rid of the spikes per se, but I'm flying my UHF system out to 12km+ on the same setup (excluding FPV camera and 2.4GHz VTx), so since we ruled out the FPV camera and 2.4GHz VTx there must be something wrong with the CORE which is definitely the main culprit here. If you want my suggestion, I would go for a 5V camera and a 5V VTx. It will take out the 12V step-up which is the main source of UHF noise in any R/C system.

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    Ok great thanks for that Trappy, the TBS69 is 12 volt though isn't it? I really love the idea of the TBS Core and I know it seems to work awesome for almost everyone else so I might have to give it one more go! If I can get 4km out I will be happy
    Have attached a photo of where I fly, Marlborough, NZ

    Click image for larger version. 

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