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Thread: The Most Amazing Invention Ever For FPV (CAT 6)

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    The Most Amazing Invention Ever For FPV (CAT 6)

    I opened up an IPhone charging cable. I found out It has four wires, and a Kevlar string, all surrounded by aluminum foil and wire mesh.
    I found it to be more practical than CAT6 due to its smaller diameter and flexibility.
    Today I used it to feed a 1.3 GHz VTx all the way in the tail of my glider. I did solder a few strands of the mesh to grnd, but only in one end.
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    Ι used to use cat6 shielded cable.

    Now after testing the UHF receiver with the inbuilt spectrum analyzer ( irc receiver) I saw not effect whatsoever when I powered up the 1W vtx on 1240Mhz. That test was performed with normal usb cable that is also shielded but much smaller, lighter and flexible. Distance between vtx and uhf reveiver and antenna was about 1.2meters.

    Now in a new project that I am building because I only need 2 inches of cable wire from flight controller to vtx, I used just twisted servo cable. We will see the results.

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    USB 3.0 cables are also looking good in theory - haven't try it yet. Those have thicker gauge for power and thinner shielded signal wires.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golluk View Post
    I figure drawing it is the best way to tell if you understand it. Is this how you would wire up a standard Positive/Ground/Signal run?

    Edit: Correct way

    I am confused here and hoping someone could help me.

    I read through this whole thread and in the picture above the shield is grounded to the battery wire before the RX, while the white ground wires are connected separately after the RX to the ground.

    I have seen posts where people combine the shield and all the ground white wires and only connect them to the ground after the RX.

    My question is why is this and should I keep the shield separately grounded before the RX like in the picture, or can I combine everything together and solder them to the ground after the RX.


    In the picture below you will see how they connected the shield and the ground wires together and connected after the RX, which is different than the diagram above.

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    Please see the post - it has the similar question

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carbon View Post
    Does anyone have a few feet of this I could buy from them? I really don't want to drop the money for an entire roll :P
    How much do you need, I have miles of it on hand?

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