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Thread: Central Florida FPV Meet - February 2015

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    Central Florida FPV Meet - February 2015

    Post Meet Videos!

    You’ve asked for it, you’ve demanded it, a few of you have even begged for it, so here it is; the biggest and baddest FPV meet in the southeast has returned! It’s the 4th annual CFL FPV Meet, brought to you by GetFPV! Think Burning Man meets Circus Man, with a dash of camping in the woods with your brothers. It’s always a great time, forever memorable, and sure to spawn some stories that will be retold for years to come!


    Friday, February 27th - Sunday, March 1st.


    Leesburg Gun Range
    35621 N Treasure Island Ave
    Leesburg, FL 34788
    Latitude 28.870528°
    Longitude -81.817542°

    Registration Info

    In order to manage the size of this event, and to allow for adequate frequency sharing, there will be a finite number of pilot tickets sold. Based on past events, and the inquiries we have received this year, we fully expect the meet to sell out! If you plan to attend don’t wait to register! You may signup online at:


    As a bonus, the first 25 registrants will receive one extra entry into the prize drawings!
    This event is sold out, but if you're interested in FPV please come out and join us as a spectator! There will be contests, special events, and lots of cool products on display. You can have a great time and meet many new fellow FPV'ers, even if you don't have a chance to fly.

    If you'd like to register as a spectator (no charge), as well as be on the list for advanced notice of next year's event, you may signup at:

    Sponsors And Prizes

    We have some great vendor support lined up for this event. You guys are going to want to be here, even if just for a chance to win some of the terrific prizes and giveaways being offered, as the prize pool now exceeds $19,000 in product!!!

    A big thanks goes out to GetFPV, our premier sponsor, for providing a tremendous amount of cool donations, as well as sponsoring the refreshments for "movie night" to be held Saturday evening. Plan on sticking around to enjoy free pizza, and to review momentous flights from the weekend on the big screen.

    Additionally, several other manufacturers and vendors are providing excellent support for this event!

    A partial list of sponsors and prizes:

    GetFPV (Premier Sponsor)
    • Lumenier QAV250 Quad
    • Lumenier QAV400 Quad
    • Lumenier QAV500 Quad
    • Lumenier Danaus Quad
    • Volantex Ranger FPV Plane
    • Volantex Raptor V2 FPV Plane
    • LayerLens for GoPro Hero 3 and 4
    • Lumenier LiPo Batteries
    • Lumenier FPV Camera
    • GetFPV Gift Card

    ReadyMadeRC (Major Sponsor)
    • RMRC Anaconda FPV Plane
    • RMRC Lunar Eclipse FPV Plane
    • Secret New RMRC FPV Plane
    • Volantex Ranger EX FPV Plane
    • RMRC LiPo Batteries
    • RMRC Cameras
    • Various Other RMRC Items (Servo Testers, LiPo Alarms, Regulators, Battery Straps, Shirts, Lanyards, Etc.)
    • 2 - 2.4 GHz Video Receivers For Pilot Viewing Station

    RangeVideo (Major Sponsor)
    • 3 - Complete RVOSD Autopilot & Telemetry Systems
    • 3 - RVJET Flying Wing Platforms

    • 5 - EzUHF Complete UHF LRS Systems
    • 1 Pair - 5.8GHz SpiroNET Omni CP Antenna Set
    • 1 - 5.8GHz SpiroNET 13dBi Patch Antenna
    • 5.8GHz SpiroNET 8dBi Patch Antenna
    • Vortex 250mm RTF Racing Quad

    • 4 - DragonLink V2 Complete UHF Systems

    Fat Shark
    • 2 - Predator V2 Video Glasses with Transmitter and Camera
    • 10 - PilotHD Camera
    • Lots of Great Swag

    Team BlackSheep
    • TBS Gemini RTF FPV MiniRacer
    • 2 - TBS Battery For Gemini MiniRacer
    • TBS Spare Parts For Gemini MiniRacer

    KDS Models USA
    • Sky-Hero “LITTLE” Spyder, Flight Control Ready With Aluminum Carrying Case
    • Sky-Hero Spy 600 Foldable Y6 Frame

    Video Aerial Systems
    • VAS LHCP Airblade And Crosshair Antenna Set For 1.3 GHz
    • VAS LHCP Airblade And Crosshair Antenna Set For 2.4 GHz
    • 3 - VAS LHCP Helical Antenna Sets For 5.8 GHz
    • VAS Specter FPV Plane

    • MRM Night Hawk 100% Carbon Fiber 250mm Mini Frame (Assembled and Tuned)
    • 4 - MRM 4x12 SimonK ESC
    • 4 - MRM Micro Titan 1806-2300kv Motors
    • 2 - MRM Set of 2 HQ 5x4 Props
    • 3 - MRM DragonFly32 PRO
    • 3 - MRM MinimOSD Black
    • Skyzone 32ch 200mw VTx
    • Color Dipped LCP Antennas
    • Sony Super HAD 660TVL Cam
    • Lightweight Camera Case
    • Fully Assembled, Tested, and Tuned

    Blackbird FPV and VooDooQuads
    • VooDooQuads 250 Race Frame
    • 4 - DYS2206 2000kv Motors
    • 4 - 12 Amp SimonK ESCs
    • CC3D Flight Controller with BlackBirdFPV Acrylic Case
    • 32 Channel 5.8 VTx
    • VAS 5.8GHz BlueBeam Antenna
    • Run Cams 650TVL Flight Camera
    • HQ Props and Gemfan Props
    • Fully Assembled, Tested, and Tuned

    U Buy A Drone
    • UBAD Inversion 250mm Full Carbon Fiber Mini Quad
    • 4 - T-Motor 2206-2000KV Motors
    • 4 - UBAD 12A ESC’s w/ Simon-K
    • UBAD Ninja32 Flight Controller (Base Flight)
    • UBAD 600mw 5.8GHz 32ch Video Transmitter and Matching Tuned Antenna
    • UBAD Sony 600TVL Super HAD IR-Blocked Camera 2.8mm Lens
    • UBAD 4S-1300mAh Battery
    • GemFan 5045 – Props
    • Fully Assembled, Tested, and Tuned

    Stone Blue Airlines
    • Chimera Pro 54” Wing
    • Motor
    • ESC
    • 2 - Servos
    • Prop, Linkages, and Necessary Accessories

    • Custom Build Service

    • NEFPV Spec Racewing, FPV Ready
    • Colorado Spec FPV Racing Popwing, FPV Ready
    • Joe Sa Designed, Custom Cut G10 MT1-300 Mini Tricopter, FPV Ready With A Brain FC/OSD

    CXN Designs
    • 5 - $100 CXN Designs Gift Certificates

    • HawkEYE 240 Mini FPV Quadcopter Frame
    • DTF UHF DeluxeTX Taranis JR Turnigy Compatible Module
    • DTF UHF DeluxeTX Transmitter
    • DTF UHF MiniRX Long Range Receiver
    • Brotronics 4ch Remix Long Range Receiver
    • Brotronics OpenLRSng BroversityRX
    • HawkEYE UHF Dipole 433 MHz Antenna
    • HawkEYE UHF Moxon Rectangle 433 MHz Antenna
    • 200mw 5.8GHz Video TX
    • 600mw 5.8GHz Video TX

    Urban Drones
    • 3 - Game of Drones Hiro Clear Frames

    Flying Cinema
    • 2 - CineTank Mk2 400mm Quad Kit

    Eagle Tree Systems
    • Eagle Tree Vector Flight Controller & OSD

    • 2 - Brain FPV Flight Controller with OSD

    • Revolectrix PowerLab 8 (v2) Battery Workstation

    Great 3D
    • 10 - $25 Great 3D Gift Certificates
    • 2 - ZMR 250 Spacer and LED Bumper Kits
    • 2 - FrSky D4R and 8XR Receiver Mounts
    • 2 - F450 Landing Gear Extensions
    • 2 - Video Transmitter and Camera Protectors
    • 10 - XT60 Battery Plug Empty/Full Labeled Protectors Sets
    • ...And More!

    Multirotor Superstore
    • MRSS Mini Power Pack (4x 2204 2300kv SunnySky Motors + 4x MS12amp ESCs)
    • MRSS 5.8 GHz FPV Starter Pack (32 channel VTX + VRX + IBCrazy Bluebeam Whip Antenna Set)

    Simple PDB
    • 25 - Simple PDB Bare Power Distribution Board For Mini Quad
    • 3 - Simple PDB Fully Loaded Power Distribution Board With Pololu 12V Step-Up And OSD With RSSI Mod

    Let's Fly RC
    • 5 - T-28 Trojan - Laser Cut Speed Build Kit
    • 2 - X-41 - Laser Cut Speed Build Kit
    • 4 - LF-Tilt - Adjustable Angle Mount For Fat Shark 600tvl Flight Cam

    Aerial Havoc
    • Aerial Havoc 340 Quad

    Dimension Engineering
    • 2 - Dimension Engineering EasyLight RC Controlled Lighting System
    • 1 - Dimension Engineering Sinewinder RC Controlled Scanning Light System
    • 3 - Dimension Engineering SportBEC Switch-Mode BEC

    • 1 - TBS Discovery Pro Landing Pad
    • 1 - QAV250 Landing Pad
    • 2 - Standard Landing Pads

    Graves RC Hobby Shop
    • 5 - $20 Graves RC Hobby Shop Gift Certificates

    BP Multirotors
    • BPQ240 Acro Mini X-Quad

    (More still to be announced)

    A huge thanks goes out to all of the vendors that are contributing to make this one of the best FPV events going, and especially to GetFPV for showing their local Florida pilots lots of love!


    Port-O-Potty’s will be provided
    A food vendor will be onsite during the day


    Camping Onsite:

    • You may sleep in your car, setup a tent, or bring an RV.
    • There are no water or electrical hookups, so plan to be self-sufficient during your time onsite.
    • Bringing a generator with power to spare is the quickest way to make new friends and find yourself lord of your immediate area.

    While camping may not afford you a pillow top mattress or a 30 minute hot shower, the joys (or horrors) you’ll witness during the after-hours events will create memories and/or mental scarring that will last a lifetime!

    Group Rate Hotels:

    Hampton Inn (for those fancy folk that enjoy things like feather duvets and heated pools)

    Hampton Inn Leesburg
    9630 US Hwy 441
    Leesburg, FL 34788
    Distance From Meet – 4.5 miles
    Group Rate - $109 (rate expires 2/12, or when block is sold out) Double Queen
    Group Code: CFF
    Valid for reservations from 2/26 – 3/1

    (Despite the link, you still have to manually enter the Group Code in the box on the registration page)

    Sleep Inn (for those thriftier types that think all hotel rooms look the same with the lights off)

    Sleep Inn Leesburg
    476 N. Citrus Blvd.
    Leesburg, FL, US, 34748
    Distance From Meet – 9.5 miles

    Group Rate - $67 (rate expires 2/12, or when block is sold out) Two Doubles or Single King
    Group Code: LCFLFP
    Valid for reservations from 2/26 – 3/1

    To book at the group rate call (352) 326-9002

    Contest And Event Schedule

    See the next post below for full contest and event explanations.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: I’m brand new to FPV, should I attend an event like this?

    A: We all have to start somewhere. You may find that a larger event like this is more intimidating for a new pilot, and it is not the best environment to learn to fly if you’re still getting the hang of things, but it’s a fantastic way to meet other pilots and to learn from more experienced veterans. Even if you don’t fly at the event, it’s a tremendous educational experience.

    Q: I only fly line of sight (LOS), may I attend this event?

    A: We welcome modelers of all types to come watch and meet other pilots, especially if you’re interested in learning about FPV. We will offer a few times for LOS flying, however, since this is an FPV specific event, we request that only FPV pilots register for the limited pilot tickets that are available.

    Q: Do I have to register in order to fly or compete in the contests?

    A: Yes, due to channel conflicts (2.4GHz control does not play well with 2.4GHz video), and liability reasons, only registered pilots will be able to fly during the meet.

    Q: I just want to buy a ticket for a shot at the prizes, are there "raffle only" tickets available?

    A: No, in order to keep the prizes available for the pilots, it will not be possible to gain entry into the main prize drawing unless you signup as a pilot. There will be a separate raffle prize available that anyone (including spectators) may purchase a ticket for.

    Q: It looks like the prize drawings are going on non-stop throughout the weekend, do I have to be present to win?

    A: No, you don't have to be present to win, but you do have to claim your prize by the final drawing on noon Sunday. If you win a prize before you check-in, or while you're away, we'll put it aside with your name on it. At noon Sunday, any unclaimed prizes will go back into the prize pool for a final must-be-present-to-win drawing.

    Q: I hear that some of you guys are a little crazy, is this a family friendly event?

    A: Generally speaking, yes! Some of the pilots may enjoy a drink while sitting around the camp fire at night, and as with any after-hours social gathering a parent should moderate which conversations and environments are appropriate for kids to be involved in. It's probably best for the kids to head out before the evening gets too late, but we always have a great group of entertaining pilots though that are eager to meet fellow FPV’ers.

    Q: The meet is held at a gun range? Will people be shooting?

    A: It turns out that gun ranges often make excellent flying sites because they tend to be large, remote, and have few houses or businesses nearby. It also seems that a very large percentage of FPV pilots also happen to be firearms enthusiasts. There will be limited times before or after the event, or during the evening hours when no flights are operating, that limited shooting *may* be allowed. These sessions will be at the discretion of the event staff, and will be overseen and strictly controlled by a range officer, who will have complete authority to determine whether a prospective shooter is capable of operating their weapon in a safe manner. You will not be allowed to operate a weapon if you have consumed alcohol in the previous 12 hours.

    Q: I have a store/website/trunk that I sell RC gear from, may I setup a store onsite?

    A: In order to keep things fair for our paying sponsors we do have some rules in place regarding product sales and advertising. There are many levels of sponsorship available, so if you'd like to join us as a sponsor please send us an email at cflfpv@gmail.com.
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    Special Events

    Flite Test In Attendance

    That's right, the guys from Flite Test, your favorite RC web show will be on hand to check out what we're up to! If you've ever wanted to make it on an episode be sure to bring your most awesome plane/quad, your hottest moves (FPV knife edge under the limbo pole anyone?), or perhaps just your craziest getup. Whatever it takes to get noticed, and maybe you'll have your shot at internet fame!

    CHARPU Demo

    The man, the myth, the legend; Lumenier team pilot and all around quad wrangler extraordinaire, CHARPU will be onsite to make us mere mortals realize that we'll never be that good! If you want to see some flying that doesn't seem like it should be possible with a quad, then don't miss this event!


    Contest #1 - Can Drop, Brought To You By Video Aerial Systems (Fixed Wing, FPV)

    This event will consist of a target (the "can"), a small object that will be placed on top of a very low platform in the field. The object is to be the first competitor to knock the can off of the platform without crashing. There may be additional objects in the field to complicate lining up on the target.

    Contest #2 - Spec Class Paper Airplane Combat (Fixed Wing, Line Of Sight)

    This event will consist of a “last plane airborne” elimination style combat melee. This is not streamer cutting, it’s hard-core deathmatch kamikaze assault!

    The Game

    Q: How is it played?

    A: The arena will consist of a “virtual cube” that is 100’ per side. All aircraft will launch simultaneously and remain in that airspace while attempting to disable or destroy their opponents in a crash-up-derby style free for all. This is a single event; no brackets, no re-do’s. Once the plane is down, it stays down. The one exception to this is that an unintended landing after takeoff (i.e. a bad launch) within the first ten seconds of the event will be allowed one re-launch. In the event that more than one plane survives the melee, at a random interval somewhere between the five minute and six minute mark of the contest a buzzer will sound. Once the buzzer sounds, all remaining pilots will attempt to knock over a target that is sitting on a low pedestal below the combat airspace. The first airplane to knock over this target after the buzzer sounds, or the closest airplane to the target (in the event that no one hits the target) will be declared the winner!

    Q: I’m not the greatest pilot, will I be disqualified if I leave the cube?

    A: Our intent is to keep everyone together and make the game exciting, not to disqualify anyone on a technicality. We will excuse the occasional boundary break unless you are continually and purposely leaving the area to avoid engaging.

    Q: So you expect me to wreck my perfectly good plane?

    A: Not at all! We expect you to build it, then wreck it! This event is called “Spec Class” for a reason. The airframes used will be a purpose built dirt cheap foam board design that can be constructed in 30 minutes for very little cost. See the build specs below.

    Q: If I just fly lazily around the perimeter, conserve battery power, and am the last plane flying, I’ll win?

    A: No, you must fight! A little strategy or strafing attacks out of the sun are fine. If you continually just avoid playing in an attempt to outlast those that are truly competing you’ll be disqualified.

    The Plane

    This design is the brainchild of our very own Doug (traderdmb). One fine day with nothing better to do, he decided to see if he could make a flat piece of foam board fly. In a nod to armchair engineering he whipped out the X-Acto knife, eyeballed some control surfaces, guessed at about where the motor should be, and applied liberal amounts of hot glue. It flew about like you would expect a sheet of foam board to fly. Not to be discouraged, he sliced off each corner of the leading edge, stuck it in place as a vertical stabilizer, and threw it in the air. Lo and behold, it flew. Not only did it fly, it flies really well! Like it’s on rails! This simple, flat piece of foam board with five cuts in it is stiff, fast, and extremely maneuverable. Thus, the idea for spec class paper airplane combat was born!

    Here are some examples of the prototype.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0588.jpg 
Views:	195 
Size:	163.0 KB 
ID:	57089

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0589.jpg 
Views:	165 
Size:	144.3 KB 
ID:	57088

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0587.jpg 
Views:	155 
Size:	178.5 KB 
ID:	57090

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PaperAirplaneCAD.PNG 
Views:	179 
Size:	33.8 KB 
ID:	57091

    In order to compete in this event you must build the plane as outlined in the drawing above. The only materials that may be used for the airframe construction are 1/4” foam board, hot glue, CA, and tape for the control surface hinges. No spars, ribs, fiberglass, kevlar, supports, braces, or duct tape engineering may be employed. The spirit of the construction is obvious, please don’t try to find a “loophole”.

    Tip: When attaching servos, control horns, motor mounts, etc. to the foam board, you will typically get a stronger bond if you remove the top layer of paper directly under your mounting surface and glue to the foam layer. CG should be 12 to 13 inches from the nose, depending on the weight and mounting location of the other components used. As with all wings, it is critical that it balances as slightly nose heavy.

    The Parts List

    The following parts are the “reference build” for this plane.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PaperAirplanePartsList.png 
Views:	193 
Size:	247.9 KB 
ID:	57087

    As you can see, everything needed to make the plane receiver ready (including a battery) may be purchased for approximately $40.

    Q: What if I already have some similar parts, but they aren’t the same ones you have listed in the parts list, may I use them?

    A: Absolutely! The above parts list is intended to make the build really cheap and easy, but it isn’t mandatory. This plane already screams with a motor like the one above, so we don’t believe that you’ll gain an unfair advantage by using bigger/faster/more expensive parts. If you already have some or all of the items that you need on hand you may feel free to use them. The only limitation on using alternative parts is that your battery may not exceed 2200 mAh 3S. Due to the potential for a large number of planes and pilots transmitting in close proximity, we request that you make every effort to use a 2.4 GHz control system rather than an LRS. You don't really want to strap a $100 receiver to your $40 foam shredder anyway.

    Q: Why are you providing a HobbyKing parts list rather than one of the sponsors?

    A: Honestly, because none of our sponsors sell stuff this crappy, and that’s a good thing! This plane is designed in the absolute cheapest manner, and is only intended to last one flight. Chances are that some of the items will survive, but we’re treating them as disposable. Our sponsors carry high quality parts that are made to last, and 99.9% of the time that’s what we want. This just doesn’t happen to be one of those times, and there’s no way that they could offer their much higher quality products for a comparable price.

    Q: I really want to participate, but I have no building skills. What am I to do?

    A: First of all, if you can build a gingerbread house you can build this airplane, so that excuse really doesn’t fly (get it?), but the question suits my needs so I’ll ignore that. We want everyone that is interested to participate in this. To help that happen, CFL FPV will be building six of these planes using the parts previously listed. These completed, receiver ready planes will be sold for $20. Obviously we’ll be losing money on that deal, but we’re subsidizing the builds to help get the contest rolling. All of those that are interested in purchasing the plane to compete will be entered into a drawing, and six lucky names will be chosen and given the opportunity to purchase one for the $20 price. Any pilot that isn’t a drawing winner may build one on their own to compete.

    Q: The parts list doesn’t show a motor mount, how am I supposed to attach the motor?

    A: Good catch! Doug has also designed a 3D printable motor mount. If you’d like to build your own plane he has agreed to make 10 mounts available for free, you just pay $5 for shipping. Below is an example of the standard two hole version for most motors. A four hole style that fits the motor in the parts list will be available soon. If you have your own 3D printer and would like to make them yourselves you may also download the STL file below. A mount for a Swift, as well as many other motor mounts for wings would also work.

    Motor Mounts
    2 Hole Version - Most Motors http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:647965
    4 Hole Version - HK Spec Motor http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:647984

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_2552.jpg 
Views:	107 
Size:	147.1 KB 
ID:	57092

    Contest #3 - Unlimited Class Airplane Combat (Fixed Wing, Line Of Sight)

    This event is identical to the competition above, however any fixed wing aircraft may be used! There are no restrictions on construction methods, components, battery, size, or any other component aside from the fact that it must be a fixed wing craft.

    Contest #4 - Pylon Race With Gates (Multirotor, FPV)

    This is pylon racing with a twist! In addition to the typical oval or tri-oval arrangement typically used in pylon racing, this contest will also include "gates" that must be flown through. It will be a combination of a race and an obstacle course that requires precision flying as much as speed.

    The race will begin as a standing start from a ground-based starting position, and will be flown a predetermined number of laps. Any gate that is missed will require that the pilot goes back and completes that gate in order for the lap to count. Depending upon the number of registrants, contestants will be flown in heats with three to six aircraft as space and frequencies allow. The winner of each bracket will advance to the final round. In the event that a "live" final cannot be flown due to frequency conflicts then the winner will be chosen based on the best elapsed time from their qualifying heat.

    Contest #5 - Pylon Race With Gates (Fixed Wing, FPV)

    This race is identical to the competition above, but is for fixed wing aircraft.

    Contest #6 - Static Judging, Best Looking/Cleanest Build (Fixed Wing, FPV)

    Just as the title implies, bring out your best looking, most detailed, cleanest build for a static judging competition. This must be an FPV aircraft, and must fly at the event. No scale model LOS trailer queens that never leave the ground!

    Contest #7 - Static Judging, Best Looking/Cleanest Build (Multirotor, FPV)

    Same as above, but for those crazy contraptions with the propellors facing horizontally.

    Contest #8 - Static Judging, Ugliest Craft (Fixed Wing, FPV)

    This is for those of you that value function over form! Bring out your gnarliest, hot glued, duct taped, mismatched, beat up, and rebuilt plane. The uglier, the better! I just has to be FPV, and to fly. Gouged, cracked, crumpled, and rusted? Perfect!

    Contest #9 - Static Judging, Ugliest Craft (Multirotor, FPV)

    Same as above, but for the multirotor crowd. Does your quad have more broken and glued plates than non-broken ones? Did that tricopter you're flying begin life as a quad? Does your rat's nest wiring make your OCD buddies start to twitch when they see your rig? If you said yes to any of those questions then this is the contest for you!

    Contest #10 - Best Night Flyer (Multirotor, FPV or LOS)

    Do news agencies reports UFO sightings when you fly at night? Do cults gather on your street with signs proclaiming, "I'm ready, take me away"? Does NORAD take a special interest in your flight path? If this sounds familiar, then you might be a night flyer. Put your aerial light show to the test and you might walk away with the title of Best Night Flyer!

    Contest #11 - Best Night Flyer (Fixed Wing, FPV or LOS)

    When you say that your plane uses a "multi-battery" setup, does that mean one for the motor, and one for the lights? Is the one for the lights bigger? Does your flight end up the subject of a 911 call (hmmm, Doug)? If your Taranis is programmed to play "Light 'Em Up" when you select your night flyer, then you're the sort of pilot we're looking for.

    Contest #12 - Limbo, Brought To You By DragonLink (Fixed Wing, FPV)

    How low can you go? Is looking up at tree tops your preferred method of flying? This is the classic cruise ship favorite, but this version is far less likely to throw your back out! The rules are simple, each round the "bar" (streamer tape) gets lower. You get one "do-over" to use at any point during the contest. Once that's gone, If you miss the gate, break the ribbon, or have contact with the ground that lasts longer than two seconds then you're out! Lowest pass wins!

    Contest Registration

    You may register for any of the contests above at http://cflfpvmeetcontest.eventzilla.net. Please use the same name, email address, and forum handle that you purchased your pilot ticket with. Note that only those that have previously purchased a pilot ticket are eligible to compete in the contests.
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    Central Florida FPV Meet - February 2015

    It's on! It's official!
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    Yeeeee haaaaaw!

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    Central FL
    Guys, there will be an email blast going out soon to last years' attendees, so don't wait around too long to register. There are a limited number of slots being sold this year, and we expect it to fill up!

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    I like the firearms part. Very well thought out and clearly stated.

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    Guess I'll leave my weapons at home
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    Ya right... I'm only going to bring a couple this year. Oh and I should have a 3D printer to bring along too... Just no interwebs!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kalikraven View Post
    Ya right... I'm only going to bring a couple this year. I might even let you shoot them! Any request? Oh and I should have a 3D printer to bring along too... Just no interwebs!
    I have the 3d printer covered
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    Jacksonville, FL

    We will have the camper and geni out there with us and will be there all weekend.

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    By realtvnow FPV in forum EVENTS / MEETS
    Replies: 645
    Last Post: 26th March 2013, 10:11 PM

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