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Thread: Crosshair - 10 dbic Circularly polarized antenna tutorial!

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    Thanks Alex for All your work. Is there a realistic Chance of builiding a decent one for 1.3 without an SWR Meter, or should i first get one before even considering to build that Thing?

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    Hello, which is the best way to trim the shielded element: A1 or A2? thanks.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi, I'm about to take the jump and build an LHCP crosshair to finally be able to go far with my friends.
    However I'm unsure about the reflector panel size I want to use. Right now if I want the antenna to fit on my tracker that fits in my fpv case, it would need to be 7.5inch sides. How bad would it be compared to the full size one ? And how would it perform compared to my CPATCH12 that I'm using right now ?
    Also, I don't understand why Alex is saying that 1.5wavelength gives 10dBi, but the crosshairs sold on RMRC are advertised as 10Dbi with a reflection panel size matching 1/1 wavelength. I feel like there's something I'm missing about that.

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    I guess I got lucky have built 2 @ 5.8 and they work great...

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