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Thread: Another newbie looking for help on prop/battery selection

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    Another newbie looking for help on prop/battery selection

    Hi folks,

    I've played with ecalc just enough to start to think I knew what I was doing when it comes to looking at plane/battery/esc/motor/prop setups. But today I think I realized just how poorly I understand it. So.... I've got more reading to do (and would welcome suggested reading materials).

    But... if any of you kind souls were willing to take a look at my situation and make suggestions I would very much appreciate it. Here's the deal.

    Plane: Chimera (currently being put together)
    Plane type: flywing wing, pusher
    Weight: Uknown, but 4 lbs seems to be a good guess once I'm done.
    ESC: Castle Edge 75A
    Motor: Eflite Power 25B (1250kv)

    I'm trying to decide two things..

    - Whether to go with 3S or 4S battery setups given this motor that I already have?
    - What size prop to use?

    When I look at ecalc and assume a 3S setup, it appears to me that something like an 11x6 prop maximizes thrust and stays within motor/esc limits. My (perhaps naive) thinking was that this is the correct/best setup for the motor/esc I already have when running 3S.

    However... as I play with 4S setups and started looking at smaller props and started looking at the estimated flight times I realized that if one of my priorities is endurance/flight-time that maybe I'm not looking at this the right way. So... rather than me rambling on further, I would simply ask for suggestions

    If you had:
    64 oz (approx) pusher flying wing
    75A ESC
    Eflite Power 25B (1250kv) motor

    Would you go with a 4S or 3S battery setup and what prop would you choose? (or would you buy a different esc/motor for the plane even though you had these already in your inventory?)
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    I have the same plane. Run the biggest battery you can get in it. I run 2 each 4S 3300's and I can gat about 30 min run time. as far as a prop I a running a 9x4.5 on a Hacker A30-10L
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