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Thread: Video Storage while traveling

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    Video Storage while traveling

    I will be traveling end of the year/beginning of next year
    and I am starting to wonder how I am going to keep the videos recorded.

    I could take my laptop which I'd like to avoid since it add's quite a bit of weight.
    There is no local wifi at the place I will be staying so just uploading will not work either.

    I read about on site backup devices for photos but they are not really budget friendly.

    Last option it seems would be to just stock up on sd cards, not sure yet.

    How are you managing your data while on the road?

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    external 1tb hdds, but i send them back every X weeks, because i dont want all my data lost if stolen/broken.

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    you are going to a place with no wifi and do not want to take your computer with you? i guess a female is involved...
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