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Thread: First time FPV help!

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    First time FPV help!

    I'm trying to get into FPV, and I cannot find much specific information that I need.
    I'm looking to fly a little bit of range; (4-8km) since I live in the west where there isn't much to look at in a small area.

    I really like this FPV combo, but I want to know what's best for 4-8km of flight. I hear the antenna greatly affects range, and I'd like a smaller one, but with maximum range. Can anyone help me?

    Also, how could I increase the range of a SkySurfer Pro to 4-8km?

    I appreciate any hlp!

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    Probably jail

    Forget your goals you have at the moment. Start reading here: (yes, all of it)
    [url=]Do you have something to sell? - read this first[/url]

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    Welcome, and while I understand your range rationale, Hans is right.

    Start simple. Plane, cheap/basic FPV system, none of the fancy stuff to start with. Once you are "good", start over, and learn to do it all while flying inverted.

    I've flown FPV for 2-3 years, and stay within 1 km. at all times using basic/standard 5.8 gHz. gear. This is PLENTY far for learning to fly, fly FPV, and learning about OSD's and everything else.

    The "distance" stuff can come later, once you've got all the basics down.

    Welcome, FPV is a GREAT and ADDICTIVE hobby- always remember to fly "safe".

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