OK, so im starting yet another project. Im trying to design a hand held GCS that is centered around a tablet to control my pixhawk based quad.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is the basic concept.
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In total there are 32 switches and 8 pots:
2 x 2 position momentary switches (on/on)
2 x 2 position switch
4 x 3 position switch
2 x 6 position rotary switch
2 pots for left stick
2 pots for right stick
2 pots for sliders
2 pots for gimbal control joystick (switchable/interchangable with external pots)

All the switches and pots will go through a USB joystick controller. The USB controller will then plug into the tablet. I can then set Droidplanner 2 to use certain switches and pots for RC control, modes etc.
Here is the USB controller (LINK)
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There will also be a bunch of USB ports to allow for other external USB devices such as more buttons, another joystick, memory stick, GPS, etc.

Droidplanner will send the signal via telemetry (RFD900) to the pixhawk.
Im expecting some latency in the whole system, but im really only going to use this as something for use during slow auto missions and the like. Not for fast proximity flying.
The guys over at RFDesigns.com are developing a new board for the RFD900 to allow a PPM and PWM stream over the same link, so when that is finally released Ill look to integrate that instead of the USB controller, and hopefully reduce any latency.

Once I can get the wiring correct, I'm gonna 3D print the unit in probably 4 or 5 pieces.

So, my question is what kind of switches should I use, and how do I wire them up?
I have 4 different types:
2 position momentary (on/on) = SPST
2 position (on/on) = SPST
3 position (on/on/on) = DPDT or SP3T (not really sure about this one)
6 position rotary (on/on/on/on/on/on) = Im thinking I use the same switch as the 6 pos frsky switch, but as a switch and not a pot (remove the PCB??)

Im pretty sure that the SPST switches just have a common ground and 2 outputs, so wiring them up isn't hard.
The DPDT or SP3T switch is a bit different.
even worse is the 6 Pos rotary.

Im sure I'd be able to figure this all out with all the parts in front of me, but I just want to make sure I buy all the right parts. I've seen the replacement frsky switches, of which the 2 pos switches are simple, but the 3 pos switches have only got 3 pins, so where is the ground??