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Thread: Electrohub quad fpv setup

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    Electrohub quad fpv setup

    I am in need of some advice.
    I would like to fly my quad by fpv but do not know what equipment to buy.

    I have the fatshark goggles I would like to use. It is a v2 with the 5.8ghz transmitter in them.

    My quad is running off a 4s battery so not sure what camera or video transmitter to buy. Also if I should use a separate batter for the fpv.

    Could some recommend a good deal on the parts I need to do fpv.
    Thank you.

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    Also what osd would you recommend?
    To display over video where the quad is and how to return home.

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    Just add a 5.8 transmitter on your quad with camera and see what happens. Most places sell a nice combo for this. Be sure to check frequencies between your internal goggle receiver and the transmitter you choose. I recommend between 500-700 TVL camera and a 600Mw Immersion transmitter on your craft. This should provide you with a middle of the road capability for your video system. Adding additional antenna schemes, circular polarized on both Tx and Rx, should net you more distance given your specific surrounding "noise floor" conditions. Are you 2.4GHz for control of the craft? Do you have an on board battery beeper? You can get by without complicated OSD if you stick close to your launch point and listen for the audible tones of your battery monitor. If you absolutly need OSD, stick with something Super Simple OSD from hobbyking. No need to run your FPV from an additional battery but that also depends on your overall setup.

    Hope this helps. Keep reading up on all the great builds and information related to your issues here at the lab!


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    Thanks rpm4488

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    If you have a FatShark Predator V2 or Attitude V2 kit that comes with the FatShark 250mW transmitter, it usually comes with a camera and a power filter to power it all as well. That system is plug and play and works perfectly fine for a new to FPV setup.

    So, you don't need to buy anything. Plug your 4S battery's balance plug into balance filter, that plugs into the transmitter and then the camera also plugs into the transmitter. You most definitely do not need a separate battery for the FPV setup.

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