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Thread: Traveling with UHF

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    Traveling with UHF

    I plan on taking my Discovery Pro to Dominican early next year. I realize a lot of you have already had experience bringing your equipment through airport Customs and I'd like to hear if anyone had problems, or if they let you through, confiscated, conditions, tips...

    I'd like to bring ezuhf, is 200-500mW 433MHz legal in Dominican?
    Pretty sure 2.4vtx 500mW is ok..
    Traveling from Canada to Dominican direct no stopover/transfer.

    Thanks for any info.

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    No idea about 433MHz being legal in Dominican. You should be able to consult a HAM radio book or manual (maybe you have one if you're using 433MHz). Please report your experience though, in the thread above. Oliver keeps pretty good tabs on his threads and will keep the initial post updated well with problem countries.

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