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Thread: Latest Super mini 5.8Ghz 32ch 600mw tx

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    Quote Originally Posted by SurveilZone View Post
    5.8G 32CH AV 600mW Mini Wireless Tx for FPV:

    Test video:

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    good video.

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    The video looks great!

    Some technical questions:
    1. Does it used a switching DC voltage regulator?
    2. Do you test your units to ensure they output 600mW of RF power (minimum) across the entire band?
    3. How clean is the spectrum? Do you have any pictures from a spectrum analyzer to show the leakage into adjacent channels?
    4. What is the acceptable input DC voltage range?
    5. How does your VTX differ from the competition, especially considering the attractive price point?


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    Surveilzone, do you have a plan to add the newest Boscam 350&600mw to your range?
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