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Thread: Spanky 6 - Mini FPV Race Quad

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    Easter Holidays! We came to coutryside to visit my wife`s parents.

    I broke all 4 propellers on this crash and my 1.3ghz Cloverleaf is looking like spaghetti, lol.

    I've flown 5 batteries on this day, but I was getting so much noise on video signal because had a big FM Radio antenna near of this field that I was not confident to fly faster and lower... That's why these video has only 1 minute, the rest of the flight I was fighting against the video signal noise.


    Frame: Spanky 6
    FC: Naze32 + CleanFlight
    Props: HQProp 6x45
    Motors: Cobra 1960kv
    Batery: Glacier 4S 1800mha
    ESC: KissESC 18A + OpenShot
    Radio: Turnigy 9X + EzUHF JR Module TX + EzUHF 4ch RX + Diamond 771 antenna

    vTX: RMRC 1.3GHz 800mW
    vRX: RMRC 1.3GHz w/SAW Upgrade (LCD version)
    Video Antennas: Pinwheels (OMM design)
    OSD: MinimOSD with KV firmware (RSSI + battery voltage + time)
    Googles: Fatshark Dominator v2
    FPV Camera: PZ0420
    Recording Camera: GoPro Hero 2

    AUW: 785g (including 1800mha 4S)
    AUW: 601g (without battery)
    Flight time: 3 to 5 mins

    Cleanflight DUMP File:


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    Really starting to have some fun with this now that its warming up a bit. Cant wait for the snow to be gone

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    i've managed to get my flight time below 2 minutes

    6S with HQ PROP 6 x 4.5 carbon reinforced with 1800kv. AUW 1200g
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    I have a brand new Spanky 6 with four used 2204 2300kv motors. $140 shipped. Also comes with 4 (2CW, 2CCW) 6X4 APC props.

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    Frame and motors still for sale. Make me an offer!

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