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Thread: thin heat shrink for 600mW VTX

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    Just received


    and just great. Very thin, light and really clear.
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    Is the heat shrink important? I just cut mine in a roll over with the prop.

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    Just got my ImmersionRC Transmitter and I cut off the plastic. Did not know that should stay on, no direction and it was covering the areas for the wire install. Is it important to leave on? Sorry if this is a dumb question.

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    Funny I mounted mine inside and cut off the perfectly good heatshrink for better cooling

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    Its designed and recommended to use with shrink...

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    Baloney. When used inside a drone, give even one half-good reason why heatsink has anything to do with design other than the negative aspect of heating up internal components?

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    How about protecting the Tx from shorting out on other components , or carbon-fibre quad frames , there are quite a few actually.
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    if you have loose bare wires inside your drone then sure. But then everything else has same risk that isn't covered like the ESC motor connections, exposed pins everywhere, etc. What else? you said quite a few? If you want to secure against conductive frame aluminum or carbon, then just use double stick foam tape and still allow heat to dissipate more quickly. I maintain it's better to remove the heat shrink if the TX is inside the body which is why I do that now. I also mount from the brass antenna jack alone thru the body. This allows air inside around the entire TX board. What is nice is that the 600mw for some reason puts out less heat than the older 250mw TXs from ImmersionRC.
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    Unless you fly in a ultra clean and dry place there will always be dirt, moist and other junk going all over the place.
    Specially when you takeoff and land. I always have to give a look into my mini quad after flying in the park as there is always pieces of cut grass
    and other junk that got into the middle of the quad.
    Sometimes it even goes inside and under the shrink tube.
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    Thanks to everyone for you comments and help.
    I found that the correct Heat shrink is the PVC type.
    Found some in a Local shop.
    Its is very important to keep it on, as mentioned already.
    It keeps the dust out, and as a lot of aircraft have carbon parts to there frames, ie Mini quads, it stops you shorting out the VTX.
    Ask me how I know this???? My 200mW VTX will tell you LOL
    Carbon frame + bare components = Magic smoke

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