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Thread: first stock test starlight night camera cc1564

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    Thanks, I shall try. For now I used a 3s LiPo for the first tests.

    Until the first real flight, I am posting the test video on ground. It was taken by night, the only (weak) light source was the lamp on the street.
    At 0:40 I switched on the infrared illuminator.

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    Can you post your settings please

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    Do you mean the camera settings? The only thing I changed in the OSD was to set the camera to B/W mode.

    In the meantime I run the cam from 4s LiPo and I confirm that it works fine.
    Anyhow I did an airborne test yesterday, and that time I set the camera to color mode.
    However, it seemed to me that the sensitivity of the fpv cam was not as good as in B/W mode.
    Is it possible that the sensitivity is different when the cam is set to color or B/W mode (as usual with another cameras)?

    The extra illumination is still not enough for proximity flying, I guess...

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    @SurveilZone: can you please tell me what is that glass right glued on the sensor of the camera? Is it needed there? If so, why?

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