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Thread: Suggested designs/products

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    I'll bug him about it today. Chances are he's wrapped up preparing for his wedding in 2 months.

    If it is broken, fix it. if it isn't broken, I'll soon fix that. - Performance video piloting

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    Thanks, Alex!

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    Moderate gain 1.3 omni antenna please! 4-8 dbi for transmitter mounting on long range missions!

    edit: linear
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    Hi Alex,
    Has much consideration been given to more directional UHF antennas? I understand you have the Moxon, but it is the only directional antenna that I am aware of.
    I don't have enough understanding of RF principles to know better, but would it be possible to design UHF antennas that have similar propagation to your video antennas, such as the Pepperbox or Crosshair? I appreciate that they can't be identical, but it would be a cool concept to have matched or recommended UHF antennas based on the video receiver antenna.


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