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Thread: Tromso Red Cross Multitask SAR hexacopter

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    Tromso Red Cross Multitask SAR hexacopter

    Here are some pictures of a SAR multitask hexa-copter for search and rescue operations, that I built for the Norwegian Red Cross in Tromso.

    It is based on a Tarot T960 hexa-copter frame and has removable/swapable payload for different scenarios through a custom built quick release system (camera-rig, light-rig, drop-rig etc). The camera rig is to be a independent operated 3-axis brushless gimbal with a Flir TAU2 IR sensor, a zoom SD camera and a Mobius HD camera.

    There are a lot of custom built parts on the machine. All the red parts are 3d printed from strong ABS and the lower bottom plate and the fixings for the low-slung batteries and the payload module are cnc milled from cfk or gfk.

    You can find a lot more pictures and a build diary in this link (from page 2 to 7). Please use a online translator to translate from Norwegian to your preferred language.

    It is now ready for flight testing and hopefully we will have it certified for RPAS use early next year
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    look interesting, what's the flight time?
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    Regarding flight time. This will be mission and payload dependable. This hexa-copter is not built as a long endurance machine; more for multitask use. With the current batteries I guess it might be in the 15 min range. Lighter multi-copters with extended endurance (only camera package) are on the planing stage. Same goes for fixed wing platforms with extended endurance.

    Here are some details about the hexa-copter above:

    Tarot T960 hexacopter frame, with landing gear and OD payload module
    Dualsky 5015 320kv motors
    40A esc
    18x5,5 prop
    3DR APM 2.6 m/ LEA gps/compass, 180A current sensor, Telemetry and OSD
    2x 5800mAh 6S Lipo Pack

    Taranis rc control
    Frsky L9R rc rx

    5.8gHz VTX
    CP SpiroNet Antenna V2
    600TVL FPV tilt Camera
    3 Way RC Video Switch

    Bec 12v – DC-DC Boost-Buck regulator 5-30V
    2x 5v bec
    High Density Waterproof LED Flexible Strips
    Nav-light/strobe set (led)
    RX Controlled Switch
    + OD cabling, electronics and parts

    Payload module options:
    - Camera package: IR + Zoom + HD cameras
    - Light rig for illuminating objects on ground and/or for location/directional aid
    - Drop module
    - etc

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    Im curious, Ive never heard of any one using Boost-Bucks in a model before. What are the Pros and Cons of this?

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