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Thread: DominatorV2 - THERE IS NO DOMINATORV2.2!!

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    DominatorV2 - THERE IS NO DOMINATORV2.2!!

    There has been a lot of confusion caused by members naming the re-released DOMINATORV2 as V2.2. Let it be clear from the manufacturer's mouth that there is no Version 2.2; there is only DominatorV2.
    The originally released glass optic version was recalled almost immediately and literally only a handful of units shipped. About 150p in total They have all been recalled or accounted for (a few people liked the larger FOV and didn't return them).
    The only DominatorV2 in existence and in stock at retailers are the improved optics version. The DOMV2 sells out almost immediately. No retailer has been "sitting" on an old unit for 3 months hoping to unload it on an uninformed individual. There is no need to ask the retailer which version they have.

    To the valued forum members, Fat Shark would greatly appreciate if members could simply refer to DominatorV2 and avoid using the 2.2 convention. Lets just pretend the glass optic version never existed - its causing a lot of problems for the retailers. That said, I will be deleting any thread, post that references the DOMV2 as anything other than DOMV2. Thanks for understanding.
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    How to tell the difference between the old and the new version optics.

    Click image for larger version. 

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