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Thread: Mounting Options for the 600 TVL P&T Camera

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    Mounting Options for the 600 TVL P&T Camera

    Well I got the 600 P&T camera and now I need a mounting option. Only thing that comes to mind is building a box out of balsa to drop the servo in and then attach that box to aircraft but it seems like theres other ways im not thinking about.

    Anybody have any other ideas or links to what others have done to mount the P&T camera.

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    how about some info on the type of aircraft?

    I would suggest no 'box'.. just mount the servo...

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    Most of us with foam planes will probably just cut a hole in the foam canopy for the servo to snug into , then use a little hot glue to secure it in, easy .
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    +1 hpcoolahan

    That's how I did it on my Bixler 2, it works flawlessly.

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    Yeh should have provided more info. I mounted it on a T Copter. I just used a couple of balsa blocks glued on to the top of the T Copter and then set the servo in between the blocks and screwed it down. I probably should have got a fixed camera since I don't have head tracking yet. Gonna try to connect to RX and use knob on radio to control Pan.

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    I wanted to do that when I was new to multi's. Then i started flying a lot and realized the whole craft is a big pan/tilt. Makes sense for fixed wing craft but I don't understand the point on a multicopter.

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