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Thread: Video distortion with sound?

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    Video distortion with sound?

    Hi everyone.
    I wasn't sure where to post this, but here goes.
    I have set up my new 250 MINIQUAD with gopro running directly to a Boscam 200mW TX, using a tarot cable..
    On the ground, the picture is crystal clear, until I make a loud noise.
    I can clap my hands, and lines will appear across the screen, then go back to clear as a bell.
    As soon as I spool up the quad, the picture just disappears an a fuzz of lines until the motors are stopped again.
    Anyone have any advice on why this is happening?

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    Nobody have an idea on this???

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    weird. very weird. is the audio channel on the vtx somehow shorted to the video wire? do you have a mic plugged in?
    reading is for stupid.

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    Ok so i have had some success.
    The Tarot cable has no real instructions for which wire should go where.
    I have two VTXs, a Boscam and an ImmersionRC.
    They have different pin layouts, so the way they are on the cable, doesn't match how they are on the VTX.
    The sound problem was with the Boscam, so I tried the Im'RC.
    Here is how you need to have the wires on the ImmersionRC

    The + and - need to be switch in the servo plug as they are the other way around on the Immersion VTX compared to the Boscam.
    The two Video leads need to be switch so the one I have marked in the picture as AudioL goes to that port on the Immersion VTX.

    My picture is much better and not affected by noise any more, but i do have some interference from some where causing some ghost lines.
    Think I need to reduce the RF noise somehow.
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