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Thread: Epson Moverio BT-200 "AR Glasses" Discussion

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    Epson Moverio BT-200 "AR Glasses" Discussion

    Just came across a review on the BT-200 "Augmented Reality Glasses" (I don't think it'd be kosher to link to the review, but I'm sure you can find it). The spokesperson was saying that they were designed "for first-person views of drone flights, where a pilot needs to maintain line of sight with the drone but also view telemetry data and live video feed of what the drone camera captures". I think it's a very interesting way to shake up the game and were wondering what you guys thought of combining LOS & FPV into one experience.

    Furthermore, these things sport 960x540 resolution which is another step beyond even the Dominator HD (800x600 and they call that HD? As in "Higher Definition"?), have 6 hrs battery life, and weigh 88g.

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    I think its n awesome development of FPV tech. When i first got into RC and began to read about FPV - that was my first thought: why googles? why not AR glasses or a monocular. Gives you a view of your surroundings as well as video feed from wherever. Since FPV's resolution and level of detail is really not that crucial (i mean you're basically seeing enough not to crash into something) - i think this tech makes it a perfect FPV companion. I just think they need to develop an easier and more flexible interface options (like RF, straight from the vTx) and we'd be good to go...

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    Anyone have any recent experience with the MOVERIO BT-300 for FPV? Looking for options for FPV other than having to use a Spotter all the time.

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