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Thread: Dominator HD : no HDMI image ?

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    Hi all.

    Make sure you switch the receiver switch to OFF!
    That is all

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    Hi Everyone!
    So my Dom V2 used to work great with my PC until last night, the goggles and the PC just refused to see each other. Is somewhat random, the only differences are a freshly-charged battery and i created the SD. I can't imagine these would impact the detection but I'm open to suggestions. Before, the PC would automatically scale the resulting to match the goggles when I plugged them in. Now there's nothing, no response at all. I tested the cable on a few other devices and it works fine. Is there anyone else who has experienced this?

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    My goggles quit working after working flawlessly!

    I emailed support a minute ago but here is what is going on.

    I have a pair of FatShark HD2 goggles I was using for a simulator.
    I have been using them for the past week.

    Today I used them for a good 2 hours.
    I came back a few hours later after I charged up the FatShark google battery and my TX and now they do not work at all through the HDMI port.

    I tried 3 different cables (plus the stock cable) that work on everything else and the cable that was working hours ago.
    I tried 3 different computers
    I have the RX switch on the bottom on 0.
    I tried plugging in the cable first then battery and vice versa.
    The computer does not make the sound it makes when I plug an HDMI into my TV.

    They work fine through a quad camera but not HDMI.

    I went to windows display and it does not recognize the goggles as a device.

    What could have happened? I always take the battery out and put the goggles in the case when not in use.

    Why would they just stop working? They were working great then nothing.

    When I go through the channels HDMI-2D, HDMI-3D, AV2D, AV3D it flashes twice when I select an HDMI option and there is no picture, but not when I pass through the AV channels.

    Any ideas on that? Going from working great for a week to not being recognized?

    Thanks in advance.
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