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Thread: Where to find a replacement set screw for motor shaft

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    Where to find a replacement set screw for motor shaft


    I have an Eflite Power 25 motor (1250kv) that I was reversing the shaft on last night... While putting it back together the tiny set screw that goes into the housing and secures it against the shaft flipped off my hex wrench and got lost on my floor. I searched for a good bit of time but haven't managed to find it.

    So.... I may be looking to find a replacement little set screw for this motor. Being a newbie (first time I did this little maneuver) I thought I'd ask if you guys have any suggestions on where I might find a replacement set screw. Radio shack? Home depot? stop by my local hobby store? look in the cabinetry section of local hard ware store?

    Any thoughts?

    Also... any idea how I might be sure of the correct size of the set screw that I'm missing?


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    I have some good thoughts for you. 1 CHECK INSIDE YOUR MOTOR. The magnets like to gobble up set screws. It should be easy to get the motor apart with the set screw already off.

    2 use blue loctite to reinstall it

    3 use a magnet from an old desktop hard drive to find the set screw if it really is on the floor (probably not).

    4 https://www.rtlfasteners.com/ has the best hardware!

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    Thanks....turns out my local hobby shop had them!

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