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Thread: Powering a servo from the Vector

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    Powering a servo from the Vector

    Hey guys,
    I am just swapping out my Naza v2 for a Vector and was wondering if it would be OK to power one servo from the Vector via my RX?

    I have a small 'tilt' servo that I control from my TX and was powered via my RX when using the Naza. The servo draws 4.8-6.0v.

    However, I have RTFM and it says:

    "Never use the PSU to power any servos on your model! The PSU can shut off due to excessive power
    draw, causing a crash! Servos MUST be powered by a stand alone BEC, a BEC built into your ESC, or a
    separate radio flight pack!"

    But I just want to check that this still applies even if I am just powering the one servo?

    I currently have the PSU powering the Vector, 12v Cam & 5v RX.


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    Sounds like you have your answer...

    Would you really "trust" your setup if you did this? Does your build prevent you from using a BEC?

    If it were me I wouldn't think twice about this... just install an external BEC and call it a day.

    When nothing else out there will suit your needs... design and build it yourself.

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