I've built the 8" XuGong according to the build instructions, but for some reason the gimbal control will never point directly downwards.

The gimbal is attached to F2, (yellow wire using the lowest bin, black using the top pin).

I can control the gimbal in the Naza M Lite config software, but it will only go from slightly pointing downwards, to directly straight up.

I've tried all limits, ranges, gains, weights, offsets, etc. but to no avail.

Using PPM, on an FRSky transmitter with the Immersion module in the back. I've setup a mixer on CH5, and it does control X1

When I mounted the gimbal, I manually set the 2 extremes to be correct, to ensure i wouldn't hit the machanical limits, so I'm sure manually re-mounting it isn't the way forward.

The control on my FR Sky is also reversed, with the REV/Normal switch not doing what I expect in the assistant software.

Any clues?