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Thread: Is the Vector stable enough to buy yet ?

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    Is the Vector stable enough to buy yet ?

    Comparing the EagleTree forum space with other makers space on this board it seems the Vector has quite a few teething problems.

    My question is. Is the system in a state where anyone would recommend buying one ?

    I'm thinking of ditching my NAZA Lite and Vlogger system for one.

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    i'd ditch a naza for a rotten banana. get the vector
    Quote Originally Posted by jimmaplesong View Post
    When you're outraged at chatch, please don't quote his bullshit.

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    Why should anybody buy the new Vector system . they will will eventually abandon the support of it just like they did with the older Eagle tree Pro stuff.
    I saw the same thing happen with the Ardupilot stuff.
    Don`t fall for their scam.,
    If at first an idea doesn't sound absurd, then there is no hope for it. - by Albert Einstein

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    What a load of rubbish...

    You expect to receive free updates to older hardware forever? The OSD Pro works just fine, and has all the features it was ever advertised to have (and a lot of features at that!). Why do you feel entitled to more than what you paid for?

    Times change, hardware improves, new hardware is released... Are all your old computers still supported with upgrade paths and software updates? Of course not... Even windows XP support (an extremely common system even now) has officially been dropped by Microsoft.

    Get real!

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    Quote Originally Posted by canadianstarman View Post
    Why should anybody buy the new Vector system . they will will eventually abandon the support of it just like they did with the older Eagle tree Pro stuff.
    I saw the same thing happen with the Ardupilot stuff.
    Don`t fall for their scam.,

    I am sorry you feel that way but I can assure you we are trying to "scam" anyone. I understand you are still having issues with the AHI in the software and we are currently investigating the issue. As for the issue with Google Earth, we have not had any other user reports of the zoom issue but will address the issue you are seeing when possible.

    Below is info Bill posted some time ago in relation to our continued support of our other products.

    A little history: we released the OSD Pro in early 2010. When we released it, it was backward compatible with loggers/data recorders, GPSs and other sensors that we shipped as far back as 2005. Since its release, we have added a long list of features, new/better sensors, etc. to expand its capability, while our competitors would just release a new version of their OSD. I think we've done a good job in the area of keeping the value of your investment in the OSD Pro over the years. I realize that there are still additional features people want. Many of the features requested either require new hardware, or are just beyond the capability of the OSD Pro. That said, we have no plans to discontinue the OSD Pro, and intend to fully support it going forward.

    Regards, John

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    John, good of you to post a response. I wouldn't have even wasted my time responding to canadians dumb comment.
    FPV is not a crime!

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    John turned it into a Positive "teachable moment." That's good.

    If I can sell all of my Naza V2 for decent amounts, I'd get Vectors.

    If the truth be told, Naza V2 with an OSD this good, would cost more, plus likely to make the craft heavier with another GPS receiver. And if you'd get tired of a quad, it can go into fixed wings. Or vice versa.

    Yes. Vector. Now.

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    Does anyone have links to video's of how the Vector handles pure rate mode acro flight on multicopters?

    I always wanted to have the super smooth and locked in flight characteristics of a simple Naze32 with the super easy to use features of the APM system. The OpenPilot Revo was supposed to be that but.. OpenPilot.. meh. And the APM really isn't designed for pure acro flight.

    If the Vector is that system, I might pick one up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zeeflyboy View Post
    If it all ends badly this time, I'm quitting FPV and RC and taking up golf.

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    3dh (acro) mode on my qav400 with Vector.

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    i would say it is plenty stable enough. i have hundreds of flights with my qav400, all 3d, and i am still learning how far i can push it. previously i had kk2 and this seems more locked in. throw in rth, a completely customizeable osd and field programming and it is a winner.

    i am really enjoying the battery voltage/mah readout (i have discovered some weak batteries i did not know i had) and distance/speed/rssi readouts.

    being able to adjust all the stabilization settings on screen rocks.

    here is a nice 3d flight with mixed osd gopro video

    just sent this yesterday from the top of the tower to almost the bottom of the canyon in a dive, 20+ second dive, 70mph+ and the vector handled it perfect
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