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Thread: Park flying FPV with Parkzone Sukhoi SU-26MM - SAFE

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    Park flying FPV with Parkzone Sukhoi SU-26MM - SAFE

    After watching a recent Flite Test Review of the Parkzone Sukhoi with a 3 second scene showing a camera in the cockpit, it got me all fired up to try this plane FPV. 30-35 min flights looking around with pan and tilt with a glider is very relaxing. I figured a 3D plane could be lots of fun.

    Very easy to set up for FPV with removing the plastic from the canopy and pilot. Front seat for the camera, rear seat for the transmitter. I had to raise up the camera just a bit to be able to get a better perspective. Using GoPro mounts made it a little heavy but this will let me move it to other planes. I use this same set up for the Carbon Z Cub - FPV Park Flying. I was going to order another canopy to use for 3D LOS flying but the extra gear doesn't seem to affect any performance. Still hovers and does 3D nicely.

    3S-3300 Battery all the way forward gives it a nice balance point. Maybe a tad tail heavy but this plane flies better that way from my previous flights. Flight times 8-9 mins landing with 25% left.

    Overall and easy build to play at the clubs. It sure makes for a good passenger plane experience as I hear club members calling the others to come look at the screen and they ask for more rolls and loops. Forget about a Hover, Harrier or Knife Edge....all I see is sky without any reference points.

    After 2 flights testing with a monitor and good spotters to call out altitudes, I was able to do some landings. It's tough to keep a reference with that big fuse in front but I'm getting used to references on the sides to help out. A Pan Servo would be ideal. I have to mess with the Spektrum receiver to see what's possible since all channels are already in use. Maybe I can get creative with some end points to make it work.

    Here are some pics and the first vid. FPV at the start and LOS for the end. I want to learn how to flat spin FPV. That looks pretty freaking cool! No Goggle flights yet since my DomV2s went back for optic replacement but should be even more fun!

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    Awesome project! I've been thinking of doing something similar with a messerschmidt so I can hunt my brother's p51.
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    Will you add a pan tilt for the camera ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ckller View Post
    Will you add a pan tilt for the camera ?
    Yes. Added that this weekend. Pan works great but tilt doesn't seem to help much.

    It's tough with the current SAFE receiver but I was able to figure out the throws on ch6 for pan. Now when I hit the panic switch the camera turns left. I also had to slow down the pan. At full speed it looks strange. On second delay works ok. I prefer 2 seconds but it's shared with the panic switch so it delayed that, too.

    So much fun to fly Fpv. I tried some 3D line of sight and it was boring to hover

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    Added the Pan/Tilt servo. Not really sure if it's any better. Will take some getting use to. Since It's set up on the SAFE AR635 receiver, when I hit the Panic button the camera turns left and the plane levels. Changing modes makes the camera look up. I could try to fly in 3D mode for some Tilt but after playing with the settings, I don't see a reason to look up/down for this model when you are in the cockpit.

    Here's a vid showing the pan servo. And some panic switch action. Still a fun plane to fly but don't think I'll be using the Pan servo as much as on a glider where it's nice to look around the whole flight.


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