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Thread: RM5832 FPV Monitor from HIEE

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    RM5832 FPV Monitor from HIEE

    RM5832 32CH 5.8G receiver & 7 inch FPV monitor

    1. No blue screen with weak signal.
    2. 450cd/m2 high brightness
    3. 32CH, compatible with 5.8ghz fpv transmitter
    4. Resolution 800 x 480; contrast 500 :1
    5. Brightness: 450cd/m2
    6. Supports multiple installation modes, 140/120 wide viewing angle
    7. AV1/AV2 input
    8. NTSC /PAL double-mode automatically recognizes, free to switch display 16x9 or 4x3

    So far this monitor works just as advertised. No blue screen. Not to harsh on power consumption.

    It is bright enough for FPV and the 32 channel VRX works well with any VTX I have tried.

    It has an alternate video in so you can plug your 910mhz,1.280mgz,2.4ghz,etc..

    It is very nice for me seeing as how it lets me keep my glasses on. It also lets me keep an eye on things around me when I am without a spotter.

    This is also quite handy in the park for onlookers and has a sunshade.

    A great spotter monitor.

    It is light too, so you can slap it on you radio and there you are.=)

    1. Video input, Audio(Lotus head RCA interface)
    2. Power input: DC 12V
    3. Sensitivity:- 90dBm; Antenna:5dBi
    4. Screen size: 7''; Resolution : 800 x 480
    5. Brightness:400-450cd/m2
    6. View Angle: 70/70,50/70(L/R,U/D)
    7. Video color mode:PAL-4.43; NTSC-3.58(automatically recognizes)
    8. Working Voltage: DC12V
    9. Power Consumption: ≤6w
    10. Working temperature: -20℃~ 60℃
    11. Size:180(W)120(H)23(D)mm

    About the Menu:
    Menu:Light, contrast, Color, Language, Picture mode
    Press MENU to enter menu, press +\- to adjust.
    Press V1/V2 to switch video channel

    In the Box with it

    Fabric hood
    5 DBI antenna
    JST plug cable
    T (Deans)plug cable and XT60 cable.

    On the plus side: The RM5832 has a 32ch 5.8ghz video receiver.

    It has alternate video in for using different frequency receivers.

    Lightweight and plug and play with the included wiring harness.

    On the minus side:no video out.

    Instead of blue screen you get static when you lose signal,but it will say "no signal" before it goes to static. ( I know there is no signal! lol )

    Neither one of these things stop this being a good little monitor. It has been reliable and hassle free.

    We have more FPV gear from Hiee on the bench for review. Some we bought ,some we were sent.

    Happy with Hiee so far.

    Dealing with Hiee has been very nice. They have professional gear and fast shipping.

    Thanks to Joe Wu for sending this monitor to us to take a look at.

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