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Thread: FlyingCinema Tankito is coming - "aka" Toaster

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    Ok may be is time to start showing off what's coming.

    Not on the site yet but will pre-order soon

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    Need more info pics, data..size, weight, 3mm CF..4mm ect ect.. looks like it's designed with a built in mount to carry a GoPro cube with uptilt? That could be cool. I've got one. Hoestly never used it..might a reason to break it out lol.
    What is it going to be called? Keeping with the the toaster theme.. Pairing Knife maybe?
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    Wait for the edit..I never finish a thought the first time

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    Will upload all the info this week, I fly mostly with Yi cameras because the are almost "disposable" cheap and get ok quality video but you can fit almost any camera you want up there.
    All arms are 4mm thick.

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    Introducing the X24 and X20

    X24 and X20

    Happy to introduce the new member of our family.

    First we brought you the Cinetank line of Quadcopters, followed by the Tankito which employed FlyingCinema-style innovation and toughness in a smaller package, and now we bring you the X24 and X20, Flying Cinema's entry in to the premier mini quad racing scene! This frame package has undergone months of design, testing, crashing, re-design, etc to be one of the toughest mini racing quads available! Based on the "True 'X'" concept, the X24 measures in at 240mm motor-to-motor, while the X20 is at 200mm.

    • 240mm and 200mm Motor-to-motor
    • 3K Twill Carbon Fiber
    • HD Camera support! (GoPro Hero 3/4, Session, Xiomi Yi, etc)
    • FPV Camera protection
    • Supports all 36mm Flight Controllers (Naze32, Kiss FC, Dodo, LUX, Sparky, SPRacing, etc.)
    • Battery Sizes 1000-1800mah 4S

    X24 Kit Includes:

    X24 or X20 Frame kit: All plates, arms, hardware (standoffs, m3 screws)
    Power Distribution Board (voltage regulators not included)

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