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Thread: Skyzone goggles drifting

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    Skyzone goggles drifting

    I have my head tracking set up with my DX9, Naza M v2, and DJI H3-3d, and it works pretty well, except it keeps drifting downward. I tilt my head forward slightly to "zero" the range, as this where the gimbal direction is "zeroed" (about 45' down).
    when i move my head upward and stop, which brings the gimbal up to level, after a second or two, it drifts downward about 20 or 30 degrees. Next thing I know is I have to look up to get it level, and it does it again! Now i have to look up even more. If I look straight down for a few seconds, it seems to go back some, but not all the way to where I started. I can re-zero again and again but it keeps doing this. It seems to be a slightly bit better after the goggles warm up for about 10 minutes, but my flight is nearly over then. Is there a simple fix for this?

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    Mine did the same thing and had to return them.

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