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    The VectorTank - L

    So in the Cinetank - L thread I posted some frustration with the TBS Discovery. Great frame, but the Cinetank was my first build so I was not entirely satisfied with the Disco. Getting the battery in and out of the Disco was particularly frustrating for me and I could never get rid of the jello, even after trying half a dozen different types of rubber bands and the squishy TBS Love Seat. Additionally, I was also using a Vector as the FC rendering most of the advantages of the Disco's integrated goodies moot.

    Enter the VectorTank - L:

    The flight camera is not the final solution for this - it's just a spare that I had laying around. It hangs about 2mm lower than the landing pads unfortunately. I've got a new 32x32 flight camera coming from SurveilZone, but it's apparently on the proverbial slow boat from China (perhaps even the literal slow boat from China...who knows?)

    I had a heck of a time figuring out where to mount the PSU. Using 12 gauge wire from the cinecoin to the PSU didn't make things any easier, but I didn't see any alternatives. In the end, I went with mounting the PSU upside-down on the right side of the aircraft. It works pretty well here, but I have to put the battery in leads first.

    Challenge #2 with this build has been weight and balance. The Vector cuts down on a lot of weight just through its integrated design. Couple that with a 4200mah 4S battery, and I had a very tail heavy tank. I love how the tank holds the battery in the frame, so top mounting the battery for CG wasn't an option for me. I wound up wrapping a stack of flat washers in electrical tape and mounting it behind the GoPro to get the CG right.

    Here's some more detail shots of how I mounted and wire managed the Vector:

    For the power train, I'm using the TBS bulletproof ESCs and 750kv motors with 10" Graupners, all of which were on the Disco. The 10" props are too small however; I'm having to go to about 60% throttle to maintain a hover.

    So overall, the tank went together just as great as always. I definitely prefer the cinecoin over the Afro PDB that I used in my first tank. I can also see the quality improvements made to the motor mounts. On the down side, the standoffs in the dirty section seemed about 2mm too short, causing the dirty section top plate to flex when I tightened everything down. Additionally, the screws securing the boom mounts to the dirty section were a bit too long; I can't tighten them all the way up without the screw tips poking out from the landing pads. Finally, I would not recommend the TBS bulletproof ESCs for this frame. I only used them because they came off the Disco. I had to make extension wires leaving a total 24 possible points of failure based on my soldering skills.
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