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Thread: Announcing the TBS GEMINI fpv racer / mini hex

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    Announcing the TBS GEMINI fpv racer / mini hex

    The TBS GEMINI is the latest generation of mini racer multirotors. Its revolutionary design with forward tilting motors and aerodynamic canopy as well as fully integrated yet modular electronics turn it into a beast that will dominate any race event.

    Optimize your setup for HD filming with a Mobius or leave the Gemini stock as the ultimate racer quad. Both setups are capable of operating on 3S and 4S setups, depending on your skill level and speed requirements. It's versatile enough to become your take-anywhere, fly-anytime multi rotor, rip through trees and leave the competition in the dust at races.

    The frame is a cooperation between TBS and one of the leading innovators in multi rotor design, William Thielicke (aka Shrediquette). TBS added a fully-modular, crash friendly FPV electronics, ESC and flight control installation. We get the best of both worlds: a tightly integrated component layout that optimizes weight efficiency, but also repair-friendlyness in case of crashes. And let's face it, these things are made for crashing.

    The TBS Gemini is available as a 5.8GHz or 2.4GHz video variant. It comes delivered in a protective case according to your specification (see customization options below). Assembly takes a few minutes as you add props, choose between the race and film setup and secure the canopy. A full slew of spare parts will be available after the preorder phase.

    The preorder is expected to go live towards the end of August. We will announce the exact date and time here once known. The first batch is severely limited, and the 2nd batch will take care of all preorders. Batch 1 will be shipped out end of September, Batch 2 is also in production but will take another 3-4 weeks.

    • Forward-tilting motors for efficient, high speed flight
    • Built-in FPV camera
    • Optional HD camera
    • CORE OSD/power supply with integrated current sensor
    • Ready for long range FPV
    • Custom 4A ESCs
    • Taulabs-based flight control
    • Crash-friendly, yet integrated layout

    Package includes
    • TBS Gemini main frame and plastic parts
    • Canopy for Race and Film (Mobius camera)
    • 6 motors, ESCs and props
    • Flight control, pre-configured
    • CORE PNP25 (optionally upgrade to CORE PRO)
    • FPV camera
    • TBS BOSS 5.8GHz (optionally upgrade to 2.4GHz)
    • 1x 3S Battery

    • When can I order? - End of August
    • What is the price? - Less than 600 USD for a ready to fly package, without receiver
    • When can you deliver? - Late September
    • Can I add a GoPro? - Yes. But we won't have a plastic dome for it. And we don't recommend it. The Mobius camera is suggested!

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    some more reserved for stuff.

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    First! oh noez.. like 1000th :P

    Looks awesome!

    EDIT: Wait a minute.. this isn't even new information.. trappy you cheater! XD

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    As it is based on the Shrediquette Gemini I guess this is what it looks like in real?


    Quote Originally Posted by Trappy View Post
    it's redesigned quite a bit. so no, not really like this. but it is based on this design, so it will look similar.
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