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Thread: New Products being added

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    New Products being added

    I will be posting new products being added in this thread and will continue to update it as I add more products.

    Coming soon: Fatshark Products - Danish Aviation (TLRS) and more 5.8ghz equipment is coming soon

    But what's new now at is Famous BiQuad antennas. They are available on 1.3 and 2.4ghz.

    Also the BlueBeam 5.8ghz are back in stock

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    Hey Urban Drones, I have an edit request for

    Could you clarify the polarization please (I'm sure it's obvious to most) (looks vertical to me, but if the bowties were offset, it would be circular, no?)

    Also, just a typo, but I'm not sure it's called, " Pant and Tilt "

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    Hey Thanks Jimmaplesong - I overlooked the spelling there. I definetely don't have tilting pants. It's a pan and tilt, so that's fixed.
    As far as the Biquad it is linear. I will put this, and the others antennas on an analyzer and post the results very soon.

    Alex -

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    Just a few things I think you are missing from the site:

    Right angle SMA adapter - This is requested by about half of my customers

    Antenna extension cables - The most popular are 6 and 18" long. For some reason the 12" isn't too popular.

    Corona 929MG servos - These are inexpensive mini metal gear servos that do not jitter.

    Gooit frequency counter

    Multiple bay battery charger - we all use multiple batteries and it's nice to charge them all at once

    Training and tutorial videos - I need to recreate mine and send them to you for editing

    White pages document - How to hook this stuff up and product selection. I can help you with this.

    If it is broken, fix it. if it isn't broken, I'll soon fix that. - Performance video piloting

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    Thanks Alex!

    I ordered right angle SMAs a couple of weeks ago so those should be here very soon. I could have put them on the store and show them as back ordered, but I rather put items on the store as I get them. I also have other types of connectors and extensions, including long RCA/Power cables for video rx. As I get them in stock they will show at the store here:

    About the Corona Servos, I will get those soon

    Send me the your raw video and I'll edit it and add the graphics like your other ones.

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    Out of curiosity, will you also be getting 5.8ghz helical antenna's (3/5 turns)?

    And i'm also very interested in when will the telemetry electronics for the antenna tracker be available?
    will it also work with the Cyclops easy/nova osd?


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    I will carry the 5.8ghz helicals at some point... sooner than later

    The tracker is in its very latest stages of development. Right now it works really well with one of the major OSDs. More testing has to be done with other OSDs, but I can tell you that the way that because the tracking information goes on the video signal, it should work with most OSDs out there. The Urban Drones OSD comes sends the telemetry, so if you get it, all you need is the tracker rx to be able to track.
    The OSD is pretty much done, just in manufacturing now. I will keep you updated.
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    a lot of the most requested connectors have been added. More will be added in the next couple of days

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    Urban Drones will have 5.8GHz helicals as soon as I can make them. I am working with my engineer on a CNC machine to wind these perfectly every time. Once we have it up and working (hopefully by next week), I'll be churning out 5.8GHz helicals at whatever number of turns you guys need.

    Urban drones will also soon be carrying the Black cannons and Crosshair antennas.

    If it is broken, fix it. if it isn't broken, I'll soon fix that. - Performance video piloting

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    How come I don't have a crosshair 5.8 yet? What's going on?

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