Guys, even though I am into flying for last 2 years or so, with 3 build so far, I am new to LRS and UHF frequency. Currently flying TBS Disco Pro, with 900kv t-motor (standard type), Bulletproof ESC, FrSky 5.8ghz Receiver and TBS 500mhz vTx on board. I am planning to convert to LRS with EzUHF setup. In this process have been trying to understand the noise level of the model currently and how to reduce it if necessary, below are the spectrum scan before and after turning on the model, would appreciate if someone can give me pointers on their understanding on the reading.
Model Off Scan:

Model On Scan:

Thanks in advance for the help. (hope i posted in the right place, feel free to delete and point me to the right one, bit new here)