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Thread: ImmersionRC 600mW VTX - How hot should it be?

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    ImmersionRC 600mW VTX - How hot should it be?

    My recently bought 600mw VTX gets very hot(50-70C)(on the bench), is that normal? Also how much airflow should it have? Placing the near a motor/esc on a multicopter may cool it but might give interference?

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    Yes, normal, hence the requirement for airflow.
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    The setup is now working nice, the picture quality is great. But my NAZA m v2 has problems getting a fix with the vtx turned on, how much distance should there be between the NAZA gps receiver and the VTX antenna?

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    There should be as much distance as possible between a transmitter and a receiver. That being said, typically 5.8ghz plays nicely with other components.

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