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Thread: ChickenSashimi at the 2014 Colorado FPV Meet

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    ChickenSashimi at the 2014 Colorado FPV Meet

    Did you see how much CS gear we have out here?!

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    There sure was a lot of swag present, There probably would have been a fair bit more, kind of ironic really.
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    Pity you guys discussed it amongst yourselves but didn't pursue it with me any further.. we could have worked out a deal, especially considering the amount of shirts you guys usually buy!
    Anyways.. great representation all the same! I saw the RMRC video already, but hadn't seen the second video... good stuff!

    Times have been tough for me since losing my full time job.. I haven't been able to provide as many promotional giveaways or throw any big shwag contests.. often that stuff comes out of pocket and it's tricky for me to spend any money on marketing CSFPV when I need to get those things.... hrrm.. what are they called again... GROCERIES.. haha yeah.. those are tasty.

    Anyways.. hopefully the dust settles, I right my ship and I can get back to giving away things for free, throwing contests and showering meets with shwag.
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