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Thread: What is the fastest you can realistically drive ground FPV?

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    This is typically a race vehicle, but they are damn tough to break. Remove the droop limiters and raise the ride height, it will float across some bumps.

    "If it breaks, you get to keep both pieces"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElectricEvan369 View Post
    Anything but the stock 7 cell 3300mah nihm batteries seem to wear out the axles, slipper pads and ring gears at a rate that should not happen in any car no matter what brand. I firmly believe traxxas knew ahead of time the amount of torque the castle 2200 motor makes when you hand it lipo power of 4s and above and knowing the demographic that buy rtr vehicles (they have zero throttle control) traxxas knew they would have the greatest parts turnover for selling a rtr vehicle with at the time the most powerful rc car brushless system on the market.

    Here at the hobbytown I work at we sell on average 6-12 ring gears for e revos a week and we keep about 25 axles in stock constantly and we have more slipper clutch plates and pads than any shop on this coast and even still we find we may run out of stock come sunday.

    There is not another car on the market that eats the exact same parts at this frequency. I wouldn't bash the revo so hard if I didnt have real sales figures to associate with its failure rate. Something that really helped first time e revo owners: when a customer purchased an e revo I reprogrammed the castle esc to be extremely mild and low in torque and as the customer learned to manage their throttle control I turned it back up, this seems to help the most as you could have a revo last for years without breaking an axle or stripping gears if you have perfect throttle control. But the first time you try a standing backflip, jumping or just drag racing or anything you see being done on youtube by someone new to rc you will break something quickly.

    I hold the revo in an odd place in the rc hierarchy though because it is the ONLY truck on the market that can blast across a bumpy field at 50 mph and still be stable without any modifications.
    I see...

    My thoughts are similar to yours. The Revo is to RC Cars what the Phantom is to FPV. Because Traxxas is sold in just about every hobby shop, that is what people will buy. Can you get better than the Phantom/Revo, yes. But for the ease of getting up and running, they are usually ready to run vehicles. Because you have very few noobs setting up the vehicle like more advanced people would with a kit, they don't have any respect for how it works. How many noobs are going to piece together a Losi short course truck when they can just buy a ready to drive Traxxas Slash?

    I'm not excusing some questionable designs that Traxxas has, the newer 4x4 LCG Slash design has far too much flex in it. I will bet that if people went through the Revo and verified things were shimmed and adjusted properly that it wouldn't end up broken so often. I had one of the first generation Summits. Never had a problem with anything, not even a shift servo. The most I ever had to replace were the hoops that the bumper connected to after a hard hit. Of course, I've been driving RC trucks since before brushless power came to be.

    Reminds me of the last time I went to the hobby shop. A guy and his kid were bringing their 2WD Traxxas Stampede in because it had a grinding noise. I asked if they checked the mesh on the spur/pinion gear. The guy cocked his head to the side and said that he had no idea what I was taking about. The same mentality is taking a Revo and running it into the ground as they don't know how to drive, maintain, or repair it.

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    I didn't make the connection but yes the e revo is definitely on par with the phantom demographic... plug and play with no brain cells needed past charging batteries. If I got 5 dollars for every traxxas 3 bolt spur gear I changed this year alone because the customer was afraid of reading directions or threw them away I would have nearly 500 dollars.
    Alas I don't charge 5 dollars to swap a spur I do it for free just try to show them how stupid easy it is to change so hopefully I wont have to repeat the same repair 20 times on the same car.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airborne View Post
    This is typically a race vehicle, but they are damn tough to break. Remove the droop limiters and raise the ride height, it will float across some bumps.

    Awesome... I can only imagine if do FPV for an RC Submarine ... It must be wow...

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    This is my fastest - about 120 km/h max speed

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    This is my fastest - about 120 km/h max speed

    Top speed with this setup about 155 km/h LOS

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    Alex, did you ever buy anything? I've got the X-Maxx and I have to say, it's perfect for FPV except the annoying tendency to wheelie every time you pass 1/2 throttle. lol. On 6S I'm getting about 40mph, 8S is closer to 50mph, but much harder on the electronics. I have abused the hell out of the thing and I haven't broken anything yet.

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