Hello everybody, I just got into FPV and am in the process of ironing out the bugs in my system. My question is, does anybody use the Diamond SRH 779 telescoping antenna for their UHF system? I use the EZ UHF but they all run on similar bands so I'm sure this question is relevant for everybody with UHF systems. I remember sander mentioning some problems with telescoping antennas, but not much else detail behind his statement. I realize the SRH 771 is the antenna of choice for the majority of people, but I don't want to dish out the cash for one if my current one is feasible. So my question is, can I use this antenna or should I buy the 771? Forgive me if there has already been a thread about this specific issue in the past, but I'm new to FPV lab and may have missed it. Thanks all!