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Thread: FAA Guidance, June 23, 2014

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    To me this appears to be positioning on their part to classify a model airplane flown via LOS as something they may leave alone provided the modeler follows AMA guidelines. I think they are posturing to make ANY FPV flight (autopilot or not) classify as a UAS and therefore regulated more strictly. I can only speculate what it might take for us to legally fly BVLOS FPV at that point.

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    This is REALLY disappointing!

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    But there are exemptions for hobby use, so they are essentially changing that, which is the point of the exemption... and right on the FAA website:

    "Flying model aircraft solely for hobby or recreational reasons does not require FAA approval. However, hobbyists are advised to operate their aircraft in accordance with the agency's model aircraft guidelines (see Advisory Circular 91-57). In the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 (Public Law 112-95, Sec 336), Congress exempted model aircraft from new rules or regulations provided the aircraft are operated "in accordance with a community-based set of safety guidelines and within the programming of a nationwide community-based organization." "

    The FAA already approved the AMA as a nationwide "community based organization" (CBO) and in their official 550 doc list under "Definitions and Terms":

    "FPV Aircraft is an RC model aircraft equipped with a video transmitter to send real- time video images from an onboard camera to a ground based receiver for display on a pilot’s video monitor/goggles. (FPV model aircraft types include: Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing, and Multi-Rotor Platforms)."

    Note, "goggles" are part of the definition.

    To then come out with a document that states:

    "2: The FAA is aware that at least one community-based organization permits “first person view” (FPV) operations during which the hobbyist controls the aircraft while wearing goggles that display images a simulation of what a pilot would see from the flight deck of a manned aircraft, the goggles may obstruct an operator’s vision, thereby preventing the operator from keeping the model aircraft within his or her visual line of sight at all times."

    Seems like a direct about face to what congress said fell under an exemption, in that they are adding "new rules" on something that's already "in accordance with a community-based set of safety guidelines and within the programming of a nationwide community-based organization." as defined in the AMA doc 550 to limit the use of goggles.

    Can anyone see that differently? What am I missing?
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    It's because of all the FPV caused fatalities.
    Someone told me it takes effect this Sept.

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    We all knew this was coming. At least I did. No surprise. I have been saying all along, there is no way, no how, the FAA would ever sanction BLOS in the NAS. Now it is in black and white. It takes the FAA, like any other government bureaucracy, a LONG time to get with the times.
    This is just the beginning. Next NPRM, then codefied, and then? Who knows. Someone may get spanked.
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    If the "Do's" are enforceable, they are also denying people the ability to fly any R/C on their own property.
    You must fly at the local club....
    And I watched a blind man fly once with the help of someone. Guess the handicapped are grounded also.
    Sad, but its just more "change you can count on"

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    Considering how big FPV has gotten, how many fpv equipped multirotors and airplanes there are out there, how many video transmitters have been sold... I got just one thing to say to the FAA.

    Good luck with that!!

    If flying a 2 pound toy via fpv is outlawed, then I guess I'm an outlaw!
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    All the FAA is doing now is lining up thier ducks to begin the NPRM process that they have been ordered by congress to do long time ago. They know they are losing that battle across the hall and need to backfill their authority.

    That stated if there is thing such as an FPV community, then it is time for them to either buck up and pull tight and yank out the wallets and hire a D.C. lobbiest to guide the FAA's NPRM in their favor, or go join the AMA or the AUVSI and follow that road and quit bitching.

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    Good thing that prohibition does not work.
    You all can be worried, or upset. I however am still the same as I was when I started. Excited about flying, and doing just that.

    Words on paper will not stop me from perusing a victemless hobby,the same as they say "you cant smoke weed" or "you cant drive fast." . . .

    But I do. period. FREEEDOM!

    Where is all of this new enforcement come from? We go out, set up, fly, break down and come home. If they dont find me in the middle of that field or batch of woods WHILE I am flying, there is little chance for them to care enough to track me down. which leaves a 30 min to 2 hour window to find me. I do not talk about upcoming flights, I do not post about when I am going out. Chances are nill.
    Ill take those chances and do what I do, and be who I am. Harm none, Keep on FPV!
    I dropped AMA for similar reasons. Ill drop this crap too. lol
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